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Febuary 2017 - #Humiliation - the Musical

December 2016 - Floods & Fires. A geeky chat in #humiliation

August 2016 - The True Gorean - a massive confrontation. Swords are involved ;)

June 2016 - Sign up today and do your part!

June 2016 - The Empresses' Hair.

June 2016 - The #Humiliation introduction.

November 2015 - A third Tale of Humiliation!
A PM from a HNG.

August 2015 - A second Tale of Humiliation!
The Fine Line between Humiliation and Bullying.

June 2015 - A promtional video made for #Humiliation, on IRC server
Why you should Never scene with Geeks.

June 2015 - A promtional video made for xtreme radio, who can be found at

January 2015

So, why do I like ponyplay? Find out why here:

December 2014

Long ago, I did a video, called "Mind of a Sadist". You can find it here:

A loose sequel can be found here:

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