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Session Start: Sun Oct 17 20:03:30 2004
[12:10] ***Now talking in #girl_farm
[12:10] ***Topic is 'A home for all the cows and ponies and puppies on IRC. Website coming soon with... well, wait and see. Donations and logs gratefully received ;-)'
[12:10] ***Set by Xena on Sun Sep 26 20:02:20
[20:03] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Xena

[20:03] * Argo welcomes Mistress Xena with a whinny
[20:04] * kerry whinnies a hello to Xena
[20:04] * kerry hello Ma'am
[20:04] * Xena finishes reading all them botmails, and smiles at the pony

[20:04] <Xena> well, what have we here?
[20:05] * kerry tries to smile back :)
[20:05] * Xena looks in at the pony
[20:05] * kerry is tied just as you left me but not so sore now
[20:06] * Xena kicks open the stall door.. strides in... grabs the ponys' bridle... and pulls her outside

[20:06] <Xena> c'mon pony
[20:06] * kerry stumbbles after you

[20:06] <Xena> enjoy your fucking yesterday, pony?
[20:07] * kerry not really i did not get to come but that was your choice Ma'am
[20:07] * Xena drags the pony right out to the corral, to the big whipping post
[20:07] * Xena smirks at the ponys' words

[20:07] *** Lord^York has joined #girl_farm
[20:07] *** Argo sets mode: +v Lord^York

[20:07] <Xena> exactly, My choice
[20:07] <Xena> not yours
[20:07] * kerry is forced to the whipping post as i nod
[20:07] * Xena chains the ponys' bridle to the whipping post.... then steps back and looks at her

[20:08] <Xena> just wearing the bridle, aren't you, pony
[20:08] * kerry stand straight beside the whipping post
[20:08] * Xena goes to fetch the hose... drags it back...
[20:08] * kerry nods ... is still wearing the bit as well

[20:08] <Lord^York> Hello A/all
[20:08] * Xena nods, opens the tap, and starts spraying the pony with freezing cold water

[20:09] <Xena> hiya Lord^York
[20:09] <Lord^York> Hello Xena
[20:09] * Xena sprays and sprays the pony liberally, washing her thoroughly
[20:09] * kerry backs towards the post as the jet of cold water hits me

[20:09] <Gaias> she needed that ...
[20:09] * kerry the water cleans off the dirt from my body while it chills me
[20:10] * Xena pays attention to the ponys' hot wet cunt... spraying her between her legs
[20:10] * Xena shuts off the hose... coils it up again
[20:10] * Xena returns to the pony... bringing the ponys' equipment with Her
[20:10] * kerry dripping cold water onto the floor i shiver against the post
[20:12] * Xena hums, as She pulls a wide leather belt around the ponys' waist... fitted with numerous metal rings to hitch the pony to carts.. and with a leather strap dangling down in front, that can be drawn up between the ponys' legs, denying access to her cunt... buckles it tightly, but lets the strap hang freely
[20:12] * Xena runs Her finger back and forth along kerrys' slit... rubbing and teasing that pony cunt.... then circles that clitoris with lazy little circles
[20:13] * kerry stands still as the belt is tightened drawing my stomach in

[20:13] <Gaias> such a sexy stomach
[20:13] * Gaias watches
[20:13] * Xena drives two fingers into the ponys' cunt

[20:13] <Xena> has it had an orgasm?
[20:13] <kerry> mmmmm my pussy is still hot despite the soaking with cold water
[20:13] * Xena draws Her fingers out... rams them right back in again
[20:13] * kerry shakes my head

[20:13] <Xena> Hmm
[20:13] <kerry> mmmppfff
[20:14] * Xena waggles Her fingers inside the ponys' cunt

[20:14] <Lord^York> will bbl
[20:14] *** Lord^York has left #girl_farm

[20:14] <Xena> I'm not sure.... you don't seem too horny
[20:14] * kerry grips your fingers tightly

[20:14] <Xena> perhaps another week.
[20:14] * Gaias eyes widen
[20:14] * Xena jerks Her fingers from that bald cunt
[20:14] * kerry looks at you

[20:14] <Gaias> does Sadism have no bounds?
[20:14] * kerry gasps as your fingers are removed

[20:15] <Xena> I'm not convinced she's as fully compliant and ardent as I require My ponies to be.
[20:15] <Xena> until I am....
[20:15] <Xena> ...she doesn't cum
[20:15] * Gaias listens, learning ...
[20:15] * kerry wonders how i can prove it

[20:15] <Xena> regardless of whether that's this week... month... or year.
[20:15] <Gaias> Lisa offered her the opportunity
[20:15] * kerry looks sadly

[20:15] <Gaias> kerry pony stayed steadfastly loyal to Miss Xena
[20:15] * Xena stuffs a dildo up into the ponys' cunt... a small dildo, that will only tease the pony mercilessly

[20:16] <Xena> As she should
[20:16] <Xena> if she was not loyal... then what use would I have for it?
[20:16] * kerry the dildo slips into me easily
[20:16] * Xena rams a slightly thicker and longer black rubber dildo into the ponys' ass... rotating it around as She does so... literally screwing it into her ass
[20:17] * Gaias nods, wondering how much more of a loyalty test the Lady needs ...
[20:17] * Xena is the best and has high standards
[20:17] * kerry i try to grip it inside me as the dildo is rammedinto my bottom

[20:17] <kerry> eeemmmpppfff
[20:17] * Gaias does admire a confident female
[20:17] * Gaias smiles
[20:18] * Xena draws the strap up between the ponys' thighs, and cinches it tight

[20:18] <Xena> there now, all strapped up... and so obviously subservient to Me.
[20:18] * kerry my bottom sore from yesterday hurts as the dildo is pushed and screwed in to me

[20:18] <Xena> Isn't that better?
[20:18] * kerry nods

[20:19] <Gaias> she did tell Me her anus was raw and angry ...
[20:19] <Xena> Excellent
[20:19] * Xena stands, and grips the belt, and yanks it up higher... jerking the two dildoes deeper into the cunt and ass holes

[20:20] <kerry> ooommppppffffffff
[20:20] * kerry the dildo's are pushed deeper
[20:20] * Xena next shows the pony the big nipple clamps, that resemble small castanets, except, castanets aren't covered in numerous little studs

[20:21] <Xena> Notice I always show the pony first
[20:21] * Gaias notices and smiles

[20:21] <Xena> it's so much nicer to see the fear in their eyes, and for them to realize that regardless of what they think... it's going to happen anyway
[20:21] * kerry looks at the nipple clamps ... and sadly push my breasts to you
[20:21] * Xena laughs

[20:21] <Xena> Oh, good pony!
[20:21] <Xena> You're learning well!
[20:22] * Xena slides the clamps over the points of the ponys' breasts... smiles at her sweetly all the while... then suddenly lets go, so the powerful springs snap the jaws together viciously, trapping the nipples between them
[20:22] * kerry takes a deep breath waiting the pain

[20:22] <kerry> mmpppfff
[20:23] * kerry my feet nearly stamp as the clamps bite my nipples harshly
[20:23] * Xena attaches the reins to the clamps... and gives them a tug... indicating to the pony to follow Her

[20:23] <Xena> come along, ponycunt
[20:23] * kerry i follow as my nipples are pulled
[20:23] * Xena leads the pony to the cart that stands nearby
[20:24] * kerry i walk to the cart and stand between the shafts to be hitched to it
[20:24] * Xena pushes the pony to back up between the shafts of the cart, and hitches the chains to the ponys' belt
[20:24] * Gaias sits on a clean bale of straw one long leg drawn up, watching as I suck on a piece of straw ...

[20:25] <Xena> A good time for a nice, leisurely Sunday stroll around the farm, I think
[20:25] * kerry the cart weight is balanced between myself and the wheels
[20:25] * Xena grins, takes the ponys' reins in Her hands, and Her whippy black leather riding crop, and stands in the cart
[20:25] * kerry i lean forward in the shaft my bottom offered to you
[20:26] * Xena smiles, lifts the crop and THWACK! across her ass...
GEE UP pony.... Trot!
[20:26] * kerry pulls away first my right knee raising high to just above my hip as i straighten in the same motion
[20:27] * kerry lowers my right foot calf straight and raise my left knee to above my hip
[20:27] * Xena smiles as the cart jerks slightly into movement.... tugs the reins.... yanking on the ponys' breasts and indicating to her which way to go... steering her out of the corral
[20:28] * kerry follows the pull on my nipples with a little moan as they are pulled
[20:28] * Xena swipes Her crop across that pony ass again... WHACK!
Wag that ass more, pony... when you get your tail it must swish from side to side! Now wag it!
[20:29] * kerry trotting steadily as the crop lands my knee's each raising in turn above my hips
[20:29] * kerry i wag my bottom with each step making the plug move and burn against my raw bottom lining
[20:29] * Xena watches the pony critically... not about to accept second rate, especially not today... today is for Sunday best
[20:30] * kerry my back straight my head held high as i trot proud to be pulling you

[20:30] <Gaias> Sunday is for worship
[20:30] * Xena tugs the reins again... steering the pony around the corral... demonstrating to any who care to watch Her dominion and control over kerry
[20:30] * Xena smirks... worship... pride...
[20:30] * Gaias thinks kerry worships the ground Xena high heels clack upon ...

[20:31] <Xena> very good pony... now.... WHACK! comes the crop across the ponys' ass... 1Canter
[20:31] * kerry each knee raising high i keep my calfs parallel to the ground as they go up and down
[20:31] * Xena does not wear high heels. Sturdy leather combat boots.
[20:31] * Xena ...the better to tread on slaves and corpses of enemies ;)

[20:32] *** Mayhem has joined #girl_farm
[20:32] *** Argo sets mode: +v Mayhem

[20:32] <Gaias> leather combat boots
[20:32] * kerry with a whinny i canter my right raising

[20:32] <Gaias> I have the best pic of kerry licking You, Ma'am
[20:32] * Xena smirks ... clearly and obviously enjoying the ride

[20:32] <Gaias> er ... licking Your combat boots
[20:32] * kerry lifting my legs faster concentrating on keeping the steps elagant but fast

[20:32] <Xena> it's the closest the slave will get to licking Me.
[20:33] * Xena yanks on the reins, steering the pony into the corral again
[20:33] * kerry hears your words but canters still into the corral
[20:33] * Xena smirks at the pony... who knows what comes next... and...
[20:33] * kerry knees to my hips calfs straight
[20:34] * Xena YANKS on the reins powerfull, tugging sharply on both nipples savagely....
WHOA, pony!
[20:34] * kerry whinnies as my nipples explode in pain and i pull to a halt
[20:35] * Xena laughs as She steps out of the cart, enjoying the ponys' obvious agonies

[20:35] <Xena> on your knees, pony... bend forwards as much as you can
[20:35] <Xena> present that ass
[20:35] * kerry stands snorting in pain between the shafts
[20:36] * kerry kneels between the shafts slowly ... i lean down placing my head close to the floor
[20:37] * Xena unbuckles the cuntstrap at the back... lets it fall back... and pulls the ponys' dildo from her cunt, but, leaves the dildo in her ass in place

[20:37] <Xena> well, look at that
[20:37] <Xena> one wet cunt...
[20:37] <Gaias> hello
[20:37] <Xena> so very red and puffy
[20:37] <Xena> so very warm and moist
[20:37] * kerry the dildo is removed from my pussy leaving it aching

[20:38] <Xena> looks like the pony would really want to cum
[20:38] * Xena laughs
[20:38] * kerry my bottom sore still filled

[20:39] * Xena places one booted foot close to the ponys' face... raising a little cloud of dust... while still looking at the ponys' pink, puffy, dripping, hairless cunt

[20:39] <Xena> I'm going to give you a hypothetical choice, pony... and you'll answer honestly
[20:39] * kerry wants to come but waits ... see's your booted foot
[20:39] * kerry nods

[20:40] <Xena> I can either ride you around the corral again, and whip you all the way, purely for the amusement it will afford Me... or I may allow you an orgasm.
[20:40] <Xena> If it's the ride around the corral... whinny and kiss My boot.
[20:40] <Xena> shake your head for the orgasm.
[20:41] * kerry wants to please you ....
[20:41] * Xena waits patiently, grinning

[20:41] <Gaias> that is her sole reason for living
[20:41] * kerry lowers my head and my lips kiss your boot

[20:41] <Xena> so... no cumming for another week.
[20:41] * kerry whinnies
[20:41] * Xena laughs

[20:41] <Xena> I better see where My whip got to
[20:42] * Xena moves Her foot... and treads on the back of the ponys' head... pressing her face into the dirt

[20:42] <Xena> so delightful to transform a girl from a person to a mindless beast :)
[20:43] * kerry my face pressed hard into the dirt by your boot

[20:43] <Gaias> yes, and still have her able to type : )
[20:43] * Xena takes a dildo that the pony didn't know She had, a rather bigger, thicker black rubber cock, and She reaches down and around the pony, and just SHOVES it into her cunt...
[20:43] * Xena draws the dildo out... and SHOVES it in again...!

[20:43] <kerry> ooo mmm ppfff
[20:44] * Xena draws the dildo out.... and SHOVES it in.... out.... IN.... out... IN...!
[20:44] * kerry stays still daring not to move as the dildo is shoved into me
[20:44] * Xena not showing the least sign of tenderness or affection for the pony... just raw animalistic fucking....

[20:44] <kerry> mmpppfff
[20:44] * Xena rams and rams and rams the dildo IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT
[20:45] * kerry my muscles instinctively grip the dildo
[20:45] * Xena fucking and fucking that ponycunt as if that was all she was, just a cunt... which... to Her... she is.
[20:45] * kerry it stretches as it harshly moves in and out ... i drip around it
[20:45] * Xena looks down at the pony idly.... jerks the dildo right OUT of her cunt.... and holds it out
[20:46] * kerry my lips swollen gape for the dildo
[20:46] * Xena then PLUNGES the dildo IN again!
[20:46] * Xena thrusting the dildo I AND OUT IN AND OUT as hard and fast as She can... getting steadily...
[20:46] * Xena ....faster...
[20:46] * Xena ...and deeper
[20:46] * Xena ...and harder yet
[20:47] * kerry the dildo fills me each time it moves in and out my womb starts to tighten and i bite the bit in my mouth hard
[20:47] * Xena glances down at the bent over animal as She rapes the pony, roughly and brutally fucking her hard and fast

[20:47] <Xena> You may cum.
[20:47] * Gaias eyes widen
[20:47] * Xena pounds the dildo IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT
[20:47] * kerry shakes my head as i grip the dildo
[20:47] * Xena again and again and again....
[20:48] * kerry moves back onto the dildo meeting its cruel thrusts
[20:48] * Xena hand blurring as She rams the dildo in and out of that hot wet pony cunt... the hard black rubber pistoning in and out of her bald wet cunt
[20:48] * Xena smirking slightly at the squelches that accompany the hard and fast fucking action
[20:49] * kerry i start to moan onto the bit as my juices flow from me
[20:49] * Xena grins at the pony... Her first smile so far.... as She just keeps on and on... fucking and fucking that pony cunt...

[20:49] <Xena> c'mon slut... show us all how a ponycunt cums
[20:50] * kerry i buck in the shafts of the cart as my womb quivers
[20:51] * Xena just keeps up Her hard, fast, steady fucking of the ponys' cunt... shafting and shafting her.... feeling the vague tightness, seeing her shudders... but not slowing down at all....
[20:51] * kerry starts to cry out as i jerk thrusting back onto the dildo my insides alight
[20:51] *** cadrina{Dms} has joined #girl_farm

[20:51] * kerry my eyes go blurry my head strains up
[20:51] * Xena just keeps on fucking that pony... fucking her good and hard.... determined to fuck her right through her orgasm
[20:51] * Xena presses down on the ponys' head with the sole of Her boot again
[20:52] * cadrina{Dms} shyly enters and sits on a bale of straw
[20:52] * kerry pants and cries out as i orgasm

[20:52] <kerry> mmmpffffffffffffff whinnniiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[20:52] * Gaias smiles
[20:52] * Xena snickers... keeps pounding that dildo in, out, in, out, in, out

[20:52] <Xena> that's it cunt
[20:52] <Xena> cum
[20:52] <Xena> cum
[20:52] * kerry strains against the shafts jerking and shaking my head

[20:52] <Xena> and know that you'll be waiting a lot longer before you get to cum again
[20:53] * kerry my orgasm rises to a painful peak as it has been delayed for so long
[20:53] * Xena holds the dildo stil now, rammed right up the ponys' cunt...

[20:53] <Xena> that's it pony... you cum....
[20:54] <Xena> enjoy the pleasure I've lowered Myself to give you
[20:54] * kerry my insides fizz rumble as i thrust my pussy back onto the dildo
[20:54] * Xena chuckles, watching the beast with amusement
[20:54] * kerry my head lowers and i growl in the back of my throat
[20:55] * Xena bends... reaches under the pony... and unclips the nipple clamps
[20:55] * kerry trembling i jerk as pain floods into my nipples
[20:55] * Xena ...knowing the sudden bursts of pain will add to and enhance the ponys' orgasm. Possibly ;)
[20:56] * kerry my orgasm rolls on and on ... shaking my head in ecstacy

[20:56] <kerry> mmmmmmmmmmpppppppppppfffffffffffffff
[20:56] * Xena chuckles

[20:56] <Xena> see Gaias... that's one helluva orgasm to have
[20:56] <Gaias> indeed
[20:56] <Gaias> the male mind reels
[20:56] <Gaias> two weeks
[20:56] <Xena> just think how she'll cum after a month :)
[20:57] * kerry my orgasm slows as my nipples throb hard

[20:57] <kerry> mmm nnnnffff
[20:57] * Xena steps off the ponys' head

[20:57] <Xena> yes, you will, don't worry
[20:57] <Xena> I won't get bored waiting, pony
[20:57] <Xena> I know you're anxious to go a month.
[20:57] * kerry my head stays in the dirt
[20:58] * kerry nods
[20:58] * Xena smirks, pulls the dildoes from the ponys' cunt and assholes... leaving her open and empty
[20:58] * Xena unclips the belt from the pony

[20:58] <Xena> stand
[20:58] * kerry jerks as the dildo's are removed
[20:58] * kerry stands slowly in the shafts
[20:59] * kerry the after glow of my orgasm hums through my body
[20:59] * Xena unhitches the pony from the cart...
[20:59] * Gaias hums happy on the Farm

[20:59] <Xena> well pony, aren't you grateful?
[20:59] <Gaias> there is a Goddess
[20:59] * Xena chuckles
[20:59] * kerry nods ... very grateful

[21:00] <Xena> and you'll be happy to wait a month next, won't you...
[21:00] * kerry nods a yes

[21:00] <Xena> I think you are practically demanding not to cum for a month, pony
[21:01] <Xena> am I right?
[21:01] * kerry nods again
[21:01] * Xena smirks at the pony

[21:01] <Xena> Excellent
[21:01] * Xena grabs the ponys' bridle and leads her to her stall
[21:02] * kerry staggers straightens and is pulled towards the stall
[21:02] * Xena takes the pony to the stall... shoves her in... shuts the door, and closes it
[21:03] * kerry watches the door close on me again still feeling the effects of my orgasm
[21:03] * Xena grins at the pony... writes the date... the fact that the pony has practically demanded not to cum for a month... added Her comments that the pony came like a whore... and signs the sheet... with Her real (not IRC) name:
[21:03] * Xena chuckles, hangs the clipboard up on the stall door
[21:04] * kerry is not totally shocked
[21:06] * Gaias wonders if Mistress Xena and Lisa are one and the same?
[21:06] * Xena bursts into laughter

[21:35] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Sun Oct 17 21:35:16 2004

Footnote: kerry went on to become a very valued and treasured pony, one of the very best I have had the priviledge of Owning.
We had many fun ponytraining times - but that's another story!

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