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[10:07] *** Argo sets mode: +v Blue-Eyed-Vixen
[10:22] *** kerry has joined #girl_farm

[10:22] <kerry> hello Blue-Eyed-Vixen
[10:22] * Blue-Eyed-Vixen looks at kerry

[10:22] <kerry> hi argo
[10:22] <Blue-Eyed-Vixen> you never thought about adding "Ma'am"?
[10:22] <kerry> sorry Ma'am
[10:23] * kerry goes into my stall sheepishly
[10:23] * Blue-Eyed-Vixen watches the beast going to her stall

[10:24] <Blue-Eyed-Vixen> well... what manner of beast are you?
[10:24] * kerry is a pony well being trained as one Ma'am
[10:24] * Blue-Eyed-Vixen decides on a better nick
[10:25] *** Blue-Eyed-Vixen is now known as Lisa

[10:25] <Lisa> there... isn't that better
[10:25] <Lisa> did you have your orgasm yet?
[10:25] * kerry no i have not Ma'am

[10:25] <Lisa> good, I'd hate to miss it
[10:27] <Lisa> so... how long has it been? a week now?
[10:27] * kerry just over a week 9 1/2 days
[10:27] * Lisa laughs, counting the hours too, huh?
[10:28] * kerry i am now ... laughs around the bit

[10:28] <Lisa> do you think today might be the day?
[10:29] * kerry it is not up to me Ma'am

[10:30] <Lisa> Mmmm.... always good to meet a true slave
[10:30] * Lisa enters the ponys' stall, to be closer to her, and to see her better
[10:31] * Lisa grabs kerrys' left breast, squeezes, as if testing fruit... then grips the right nipple and rolls it between finger and thumb, while watching the ponys' face
[10:31] * kerry see's you enter and look me over
[10:32] * kerry i smile as you grab my breast your thumb and finger rolling my nipple , my nipple that aches from my pent up feelings
[10:32] * Lisa smiles, and what else aches... slides Her hand down your stomach...
[10:33] * kerry your hand smoothes its way to my mound where my sex aches , and has been acheing for days
[10:34] * Lisa chuckles... slides Her hand between your thighs.... strokes your aching slit... Her fingers search for, then find, that no-doubt even more aching clitoris, which She massages and rubs gently

[10:34] <kerry> mmpppfff
[10:35] <Lisa> like that, pony?
[10:35] * Lisa fingers run back and forth, back and forth....
[10:35] * kerry your hand massages over my clit rubbing me bringing forth conflicting emotions
[10:35] * Lisa teasing and stroking the ponys' slit... chuckling at the warmth and the wetness She discovers
[10:35] * kerry nods my head
[10:36] * Lisa sees the emotions on your face... the "fuck me/don't fuck me" expression is most amusing
[10:36] * kerry is permantly on tender hooks has been for days

[10:36] <Lisa> Mmm. One touch and you'll cum, huh?
[10:37] * Lisa fingers flick back over your clitoris teasingly
[10:37] * kerry not quiet but nearly ... tries to bite the inside of my cheeks but all i do is chew the bit between my teeth

[10:38] <Lisa> don't you want to cum?
[10:38] * kerry not until Miss Xena says i can
[10:39] * Lisa chuckles... rubs that swollen engorged and oh-so-very-needy clitoris lightly

[10:39] <Lisa> so... you don't want Me to make you cum?
[10:40] * kerry god yes i do but i promised and im doing my best
[10:40] * Lisa smiles, takes her hand away
[10:41] * Lisa looks at the wetness on Her fingers... then smears that same wetness across your face... covering your own cheeks with your own slut juices
[10:41] * kerry a look of shock as your hand ceases its delightful rubbing
[10:41] * Lisa laughs at the look of shock... no point toying with you if you don't get to cum, is there? that'd be teasing
[10:42] * kerry does not know what to say
[10:43] * Lisa smirks, with the bit in your mouth.... what can you say....?

[10:43] <Lisa> guess I can find other ways to amuse Myself with you...
[10:43] * kerry nothing Ma'am .... sadly

[10:43] <Lisa> cropping... whipping... prancing like a pony... giving Doms blowjobs....
[10:43] * Lisa grins
[10:44] * kerry nods my head slowly
[10:45] * Lisa leaves the stall

[10:45] <Lisa> well... let's see...
[10:45] <Lisa> it's not a question of what I'll do
[10:46] <Lisa> it's more a question of what I'll do first
[10:47] * kerry stands in the stall listening trembling slightly
[10:47] * Lisa eyes the collection of clamps.... crops... whips... and one or two other things that a skittish or horny pony really might not want to know about
[10:49] * Lisa smirks at the pony... but that will keep you waiting and guessing what comes next....
[10:49] * kerry nods
[10:49] * Lisa smirk broadens.... the only thing that won't cum... is you

[11:04] <Lisa> so.... pony still turning down a fuck, in preference to whatever other services I might require of it?
[11:04] * kerry i have to Ma'am i promised
[11:06] * Lisa laughs... returns to the stall, leads the pony out by her bridle

[11:06] <Lisa> well... I'm in a mood to attend to a ponys' cunt...
[11:07] * kerry your hand grips my bridle and i follow
[11:07] * Lisa pushes the pony against a wall... and hooks a chain from the wall to the ponys' bridle
[11:08] * kerry fastened to the wall by my bridle my bound hands make me defenceless
[11:08] * Lisa next takes little leather cuffs, wraps them around the ponys' ankles, and pulls the ponys' feet apart... hooks these cuffs to rings in the wall, so the pony is back against a wall, her legs spread....
[11:09] * kerry spread wide by the cuffs pulling my ankles apart
[11:09] * Lisa smiles at the sight of that hot wet pony cunt on offer... rubs it again... caresses the ponys' cunt... strokes that slutty slit... then walks away to get the thing She needs next
[11:10] * kerry the touch of your hand makes my knees go weak
[11:10] * Lisa returns with what appears to be a black box, with a glass tube attached via a long thick lead... the tube has a bulb at the end

[11:10] <Lisa> Know what this is, pony?
[11:10] * kerry shakes my head no
[11:11] * kerry vacuum pump
[11:11] * Lisa smiles at the pony... flicks a switch on the box... which starts to humm... and the glass tube glows a bright purple

[11:11] <Lisa> I understand the glow gives it its' name.... a violet wand.
[11:12] <Lisa> Do you know what it does?
[11:12] * kerry has only heared of a violet wand
[11:12] * Lisa smiles at the pony
[11:12] * kerry shakes my head again not realy sure
[11:13] * Lisa lightly touches the glowing bulb to Her palm... there's a loud Zap! and She jerks Her hand away... shaking it and grinning at the pony

[11:13] <Lisa> It stings a little.
[11:13] <Lisa> Why don't you have a try?
[11:14] * kerry shakes my head eyes wide
[11:14] * Lisa holds the glowing glass tube out to the ponys' left nipple... closer... closer... until... Zap! Zap! a large burst of static electricity shoots through the ponys' nipple
[11:14] * kerry jerks and presses against the wall as the static enters my nipple

[11:15] <kerry> mmppfff
[11:15] * Lisa then circles the ponys' right nipple with the glowing glass tube... zap zap zap zap! undoubtedly the pony feels that a thousand red hot needles are being driven into the flesh around the nipple... except... they aren't... but it still feels like it.... zap zap zap zap!
[11:16] * kerry my nipple seems to shrink as the static enters it and i moan as it feels like im being stabbed
[11:16] * Lisa grins at the pony

[11:17] <Lisa> like a thousand bee stings isn't it?
[11:17] * kerry presses against the wall my head shaking from side to side
[11:17] * kerry i can see your grin and nods a yes
[11:17] *** clara_40 has joined #girl_farm

[11:17] <Lisa> Of course... that's on *dry* skin
[11:17] <clara_40> hi Lisa, hi kerry :)
[11:17] <Lisa> Does electricity hurt worse on wet skin?
[11:17] * kerry thinks it does
[11:18] * Lisa grins at the pony.... now where can I find some moist flesh to test this on?
[11:18] * kerry my legs parted my wet sex exposed and i know where the wand is going to touch
[11:18] * Lisa moves the violet wand a little lower... looks down at the ponys' bald cunt
[11:19] * Lisa stifles a giggle... but of course....
[11:19] * Lisa looks to the pony... not going to protest?
[11:19] * kerry i lower my head to watch the wand go closer
[11:19] * kerry shakes my head a little
[11:20] * kerry thinks im bound to a wall and bit gagged i have no way of protesting
[11:20] * Lisa chuckles... no protests... the pony must be curious enough to find out...
[11:21] * kerry looks at you shaking my head
[11:21] * Lisa runs the violet wand every so lightly back and forth along the ponys' warm, wet slit... zap zap zap!
[11:21] * Lisa chuckles... knows the thousand bee stings now feel like a million bee stings...
[11:22] * kerry the spark connects with my lips i stiffen as it rapidly fills me with pain

[11:22] <kerry> mmmppppf ppppfff nnnggggg
[11:22] * Lisa grins.... looks at the pony
[11:22] *** Dillon has joined #girl_farm
[11:22] *** Argo sets mode: +v Dillon

[11:22] <Lisa> isn't this fun?
[11:22] * kerry struggles trying to close my legs

[11:22] <Dillon> hello
[11:22] * kerry shakes my head a trickle of a tear leaving my eyes
[11:23] *** clara_40 has left #girl_farm

[11:23] * Lisa suddenly jabs the violet wand up.. pressing the bulb up against the ponys' clitoris... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPp!!!!!!!

[11:23] <Lisa> hiya Dillon
[11:23] <Dillon> hi Lisa
[11:23] <Lisa> did that hurt?
[11:23] * kerry the wand sends the sparks deep inside me i cry against the bit gag and thrash my head from side to side

[11:24] <Lisa> it certainly looked quite painful
[11:24] * Lisa laughs
[11:24] * kerry pants against the pain

[11:24] <Lisa> Amazing what fun you can have with a bound pony
[11:24] <Lisa> Don't you agree, Dillon? ;)
[11:24] * Dillon walks over for a closer look
[11:24] * Dillon yes
[11:25] * Lisa lightly runs the violet wand back and forth across the ponys' bald cunt lips again.... zap zap zap zaapppp!
[11:25] * kerry sweat beads on my brow
[11:25] * Dillon looks at the bond pony
[11:25] * kerry tenses against the bee stings running over my sex
[11:26] * kerry pressing my bound arms back against the wall
[11:26] * Lisa then sudden rams the violet wand up against the ponys' clitoris... presses it there... the static electricity flowing right through the ponys' most sensitive flesh... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!
[11:26] * Dillon I think the pony loves the wand Lisa
[11:26] * kerry screams

[11:27] <Lisa> she certainly seems to
[11:27] <Lisa> it was this, or fucking, after all.
[11:27] * kerry my clit is in fire
[11:27] * Dillon bet bet she would love both
[11:27] * kerry tears stream from my eyes
[11:27] * Lisa chuckles, turns off the violet wand.... all good things have to come to an end....

[11:28] <Lisa> well... the pony has had its' fun... now it can serve.
[11:28] * kerry my clit lips and insides still tingle horribly
[11:28] * Lisa chuckles... but weren't the ponys' clit, lips and insides tingling earlier anyway?
[11:28] * kerry the urge to cum has left me for now
[11:29] * kerry not like this
[11:29] * Lisa smiles, at least the pony is a bit less concerned about orgasms

[11:29] <Dillon> true
[11:30] * Lisa fetches a few things... a length of chain... a large lump of metal... and a wicked-looking clamp, with tight rubber grips

[11:30] <Lisa> no doubt the pony could do with a little stroll around the corral
[11:31] * kerry watches as you gather the various items through tear glazed eyes
[11:31] * Lisa hooks the chain to the lump of metal... lets it drop to the ground with a loud thump.... it's clearly heavy... hooks the chain to the clamp

[11:31] <Lisa> Now, where is this going to be attached?
[11:31] * Lisa pries open the clamp...
[11:31] * kerry watches all sorts of things going through my mind
[11:32] * Lisa smiles at kerry sweetly
[11:32] * kerry shrinks away from the clamp
[11:32] * Dillon watchs

[11:32] <Lisa> it knows? lol
[11:33] * kerry shaking my head as i press to the wall
[11:33] * Dillon wonders where its going
[11:33] * Lisa steps close to the pony... pushes the clamp over its' clitoris... which is undoubtedly still buzzing and sensitive from the shocking it recieved earlier... and lets go.... the rubber jaws snap shut over the swollen little bud of flesh

[11:34] * Lisa laughs as She undoes the chains that bind the pony to the wall

[11:34] <Lisa> ok pony... you may trot around the corral.... stretch your legs a little.
[11:34] * kerry the clamp grips my clit tightly bringing pain so bad it stops the tingling

[11:34] <Lisa> Go on.
[11:34] * kerry stands for a moment unsure whether i can move let alone stand straight
[11:35] * Lisa grins, it's only a few pounds of weight... and it only needs to be dragged...
[11:35] * kerry i look at you imploring you as i only lift my left foot a little

[11:36] <Lisa> go on pony... or I'll ram that violet wand up your cunt and leave it in you for fifteen minutes.
[11:36] <Lisa> Now get trotting!
[11:36] * kerry knows you wil and i step my clit strethes the weight not moving till the chain is taught and bringing agony to my clit
[11:37] * Dillon sits back and watchs
[11:37] * kerry i lower my foot with a sob and i raise my right leg my calf parallel to the ground
[11:37] * Lisa chuckles... the lump of metal being irregular... it will catch at the ground more or less... sliding... or catching and digging in... requiring either gentle force or harder tugs to free it...

[11:38] <Lisa> that's it pony... trot properly
[11:38] <Lisa> like a well trained show pony
[11:41] * Lisa wonders if the pony trotted right out the farm...? lol
[11:42] * Dillon maybe the pony stuck

[11:43] <Lisa> Applying the whip could sort that out.
[11:43] <Dillon> or tge wand
[11:43] <Dillon> the wand
[11:44] <Lisa> Mmm
[11:44] <Lisa> there's always the wand :-)
[11:44] <Dillon> she might enjoy that better on her streached lips
[11:45] <Lisa> As long as she gets hurt, that's the main thing.
[11:45] * Dillon zapped by two wands at the same time

[11:46] *** kerry` has joined #girl_farm
[11:46] *** kerry has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)

[11:46] <Lisa> Ah
[11:46] <Lisa> that explains that.
[11:46] * kerry` is very sorry i could not get back online

[11:46] <Dillon> yep
[11:46] <Lisa> shit happens :)
[11:46] *** kerry` is now known as kerry

[11:47] <Lisa> continue trotting, pony.
[11:47] <Dillon> wb kerry
[11:47] * kerry raises my right leg and trots pain filled my clit stretched tightly by the bar and chain
[11:48] * Lisa grins... watching the pony drag that lump of metal

[11:48] <Lisa> And don't slouch... back erect!
[11:48] * Dillon think she can trot faster
[11:48] * kerry a struggle to keep my calfs parallel as all that keeps my moving is the thought of not getting that terrable violet wand

[11:49] <Lisa> If I'm not COMPLETELY satisfied with you... it's a whipping until your ass is apple red and then you try again.... and again... and again.... until I am satisfied!
[11:49] * Lisa is a bit of a perfectionist ;)
[11:49] * kerry sobs as i straighten my back raising my legs to above my hips
[11:50] * kerry trotting faster dragging the lump of metal my brain assaulted with the pain from my clit
[11:50] * Lisa smiles a small cruel smile as Her eyes follow the sweating, straining pony around the corral... the very image of pain...
[11:51] *** Ordo has joined #girl_farm
[11:51] *** Argo sets mode: +v Ordo

[11:51] <Ordo> hello
[11:51] * kerry my thighs remain high with all my will power my calfs straight

[11:51] <Lisa> hiya Ordo
[11:51] * kerry the metal pulls so painfully on my clit

[11:51] <Dillon> hi Ordo
[11:52] * Lisa just loves watching the pony in pain
[11:52] * kerry strains sweats and cries lightly

[11:52] <Lisa> Oooo.... pony tears!
[11:52] <Lisa> I love seeing a helpless pony in tears!
[11:52] * kerry my body wants to fall to the floor and curl up
[11:53] * kerry just keeps trotting as my legs start to tremble with the effort
[11:54] * kerry the metal bar dragging on the floor as i pull it behind me
[11:54] * kerry wonders if i will be permanently damaged
[11:54] * Lisa just stands, laughing... watching the pony... SO amusing!
[11:55] * Lisa could always "examine" the pony, if she is anxious.... lol
[11:55] * kerry i turn my head to her as i trot around my eyes begging for a moments relief

[11:55] <Lisa> completely around the corral, pony
[11:55] * Lisa is surprised the pony thinks She might display any sign of mercy
[11:56] * kerry trots my knee's still raising high my calfs straight the metal bar pulling stretching my clit the thought of avoiding the violet wand and a whipping spurring me on
[11:57] * Lisa grins, the pony is, admittedly, doing reasonably well
[11:58] * Dillon yes she is
[11:58] * kerry nearly at the end of a circuit my clit seems as if it is about to be pulled off
[11:59] * Lisa chuckles... at least the clip didn't slip off... lol...
[11:59] * kerry looks to see if im to approach Lisa at the end of the circuit
[11:59] * kerry knees high still
[11:59] * Lisa beckons the pony close
[12:00] * kerry i trot up to her dragging the metal bar behind me on the chain
[12:00] * Lisa smiles at the pony

[12:01] <Lisa> well, that was passable
[12:01] * kerry my eyes blured by tears i see your smile

[12:01] <Lisa> does the pony think she deserves a reward?
[12:01] * kerry nods just a little one but is not my place
[12:02] * Lisa laughs

[12:02] <Lisa> you know your opinion counts for nothing
[12:02] <Lisa> it's reward enough I don't stripe you with the whip.
[12:02] * kerry the chain still taught behind me my clit stretched cruely
[12:03] * kerry nods
[12:03] *** collegeboy has joined #girl_farm

[12:03] * Lisa grips the ponys' bridle and leads her back to her stall... walking briskly and making NO allowance for the weight clipped to the ponys' clitoris

[12:04] <collegeboy> Hello
[12:04] * kerry the metal bar drags behind me as im pulled into my stall winnies in pain
[12:05] * Lisa shoves the pony inside her stall
[12:05] * Lisa "remembers" ;-) the clamp... unclips it and takes it from the pony
[12:05] * kerry staggers into the stall the metal bar dragging me

[12:05] <kerry> WHIINNIIEESS
[12:06] *** legolas__ has joined #girl_farm

[12:06] * Dillon looks at the pony
[12:06] * Lisa smiles and closes the stall door
[12:06] * kerry the clamps removal makes me cry out as blood fills my clit

[12:06] <Lisa> well, pony, I hope you found that as fun as I did
[12:06] * kerry leans against the stall wall
[12:07] * Lisa smiles in at the pony

[12:08] <Lisa> well, I've got stuff to do now.... you've been MOST entertaining, lol
[12:08] * kerry cries as i lean against the wall

[12:09] <Lisa> poor pony.... lol
[12:09] <Lisa> well... I *did* offer it a fuck... it didn't want one :)
[12:10] * kerry has promised and i cant come with out permission .... sobs
[12:10] * kerry its not that i do not want to
[12:10] *** Domina_Judith has joined #girl_farm
[12:10] *** Argo sets mode: +v Domina_Judith

[12:10] * Lisa laughs... none the less... your answer was the same.... "no fucking"

[12:10] <Domina_Judith> Hello
[12:11] <Lisa> hiya Domina_Judith
[12:11] * kerry nods my head

[12:11] <Domina_Judith> Hello Amber
[12:11] <Lisa> it's good to see a pony being faithful.... lol
[12:11] <Lisa> and so good to see promises kept :)
[12:11] <Dillon> hi Domina_Judith
[12:11] <collegeboy> is this farm for girls only?
[12:12] * Lisa reads the room title

[12:12] <Lisa> Maybe.
[12:12] <Domina_Judith> that would be my guess.
[12:12] <Lisa> Unless there's those that have a use for a boy.
[12:12] * Lisa shrugs... there's always shit to shovel on a farm.
[12:13] * kerry slowly slides down the wall of my stall to lay curled up in the straw
[12:13] * kerry the pain washing over me
[12:13] * Lisa smiles brightly at the pony

[12:14] <collegeboy> mhm
[12:14] <Lisa> well... I got r/l to attend to... 6smirks at the pony
[12:14] * kerry nods wishing you well

[12:19] *** Domina_Judith has left #girl_farm

[12:19] * Dillon walks over and looks into the stall
[12:20] * kerry lies curled up crying softly to myself

[12:20] <collegeboy> kerry tell what She did to you?
[12:22] * kerry im not allowed to orgasm so she used a violet wand on me and then made me drag a metal bar around attached to my clit by a clamp and chain

[12:22] *** Lord^York has joined #girl_farm
[12:22] *** Argo sets mode: +v Lord^York

[12:22] <Lord^York> Hello A/all
[12:23] <Dillon> hi Lord^york
[12:23] <Lord^York> Hello dillon
[12:23] <Lord^York> Dillon even
[12:24] * kerry must go for an hour or so

[12:25] *** kerry has quit IRC (QUIT: dIRC IRC Client -

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[13:46] *** Now talking in #girl_farm
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[13:46] *** Set by Xena on Thu Oct 07 12:06:41
[13:46] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Xena

[13:46] * Argo welcomes Mistress Xena with a whinny
[13:46] * kerry by saying i did not wish to come Lisa used a violet wand on my sex and then made me pull a metal bar attached to a chain to my clit

[13:47] <Gaias> speaking of a Goddess
[13:47] <Gaias> G'day, Xena
[13:47] * Xena strolls in.... laughs as She hears... what She hears!

[13:47] <Xena> hiya Gaias
[13:47] <Xena> well... sounds like an interesting conversation...
[13:47] * kerry looks up and whinnies a hello to Mistress Xena

[13:48] <Xena> hello pony
[13:48] <Gaias> always interesting with Your lil kerry here, Ma`am
[13:48] <Xena> don't stop on My account....
[13:48] * Xena has to have lunch yet... so do go on... it sounds hilarious

[13:48] <Gaias> describe how you are bound, pony
[13:48] <Gaias> especially that sore mouth
[13:49] * kerry Lisa threatened to leave the violet wand inside me and whip me if i did not trot to her satisfaction

[13:49] <Xena> a sore mouth?
[13:50] * kerry i am corseted tightly have a butt plug in my bottom thigh high boots a bridle and a bit that pulls my mouth back into a smile

[13:50] <Gaias> for over a week!
[13:50] <Xena> lol
[13:50] <Xena> oh yes... I did that, haha
[13:51] * kerry my big brown eyes widen as i look at you
[13:51] * Gaias runs a finger at the corner of My own lips, just thinking of what this little pony suffers for Mistress Xena
[13:52] * Xena is sometimes surprised Herself... but... usually understands why the little ones wish for Her attention so much ;)
[13:54] * kerry shifts a little from where i lay in the straw
[13:54] * Gaias doesn't understand that orgasm denial thing
[13:54] * Xena chuckles

[13:54] <Gaias> but I am a broken record on that one
[13:54] * Gaias chuckles

[13:54] <Xena> which bit don't you understand?
[13:54] <Gaias> why someone would want it.
[13:55] <Xena> an orgasm? because they're nice.
[13:55] <Gaias> exactly!
[13:55] <Xena>
[13:55] <Gaias> why would someone want her Mistress to say, 'no, no, no.'
[13:56] <Xena> who's in control? Me or it?
[13:56] <Gaias> You, Ma'am.
[13:56] <Xena> exactly
[13:57] <Xena> it can put aside it's slutty whoreish nature.... and serve Me.
[13:57] * kerry listens still looking at Mistress Xena nodding

[13:57] <Gaias> maybe I am too generous with them
[13:57] <Gaias> after all its Xena they want, not Moi
[13:57] <Xena> definitely
[13:58] <Xena> put it this way...what's your favorite food?
[13:58] * Gaias looks at kerry

[13:59] <Xena> r/l food... lol
[13:59] <Gaias> I would have to say pussy
[13:59] <Xena> well you can't eat that with a knife and fork
[14:01] * Xena thinks... put it this way... kids like chocolate... but how long would it be before you grew bored of chocolate if you had it every single day? And how special would it be to have one chocolate a week or so?
[14:01] * kerry what i think Mistress is say is that if you ate it all the time it no longer would be your favorite
[14:01] * Gaias nods

[14:01] <Gaias> I would hardly give kerry chocolate three times a day
[14:02] * Gaias winks

[14:02] <Xena> and she's not getting orgasms three times a day
[14:02] <Gaias> exactly
[14:02] <Gaias> but
[14:02] * kerry looks at the floor .... or even once a week

[14:02] <Xena> she's a beast... nothing more... a thing to serve
[14:02] <Xena> do I care if she cums?
[14:02] * Gaias lives by the 48 hour plan
[14:03] * kerry nods

[14:03] <Gaias> a week is tooooooo long
[14:03] <Xena> do I care if the cows that supply the dairy with milk cum?
[14:03] <Xena> do I care if next door neighbours' cat cums?
[14:03] * Xena shrugs

[14:04] <Xena> Actually... I do care about whether kerry cums or not. Right now she's pliable, submissive, and full of energy for her training
[14:04] <Xena> Why ruin that?
[14:05] <Gaias> and its You she wants
[14:05] <Gaias> not Me
[14:05] <Gaias> I am listening
[14:05] * Xena chuckles

[14:05] <Xena> you'll have to read the logs when I finally get My act together and post them.
[14:06] * Xena smirks, strolls in the ponys' stall.. grabs her bridle and hauls her out into the open
[14:06] * Gaias settles on a bale of straw to watch the Mistress work her pet ...
[14:06] * kerry dragged up and out into the sunlight

[14:07] <Xena> There is of course another, rather more subtler aspect to orgasm control
[14:07] * Xena prods the ponys' stomach to get her attention
[14:07] * kerry wants to be so good wants to

[14:07] <Xena> you, cunt. Who do you want to serve? Me? Or someone else?
[14:07] * kerry you Ma'am
[14:08] * Xena chuckles

[14:08] *** Dom40sw has joined #girl_farm
[14:08] *** Argo sets mode: +v Dom40sw

[14:08] <Xena> if she wanted to cum, she'd be serving herself
[14:08] <Dom40sw> Hello.
[14:08] * Gaias smiles

[14:08] <Xena> and I'm not standing for that.
[14:09] <Gaias> Hello Dom
[14:09] <Xena> as long as she's a slave and going to serve... it's My wishes that come first. Not hers.
[14:09] * kerry stands before you my back straight nodding
[14:09] * Xena runs Her hand back and forth along the length of the ponys' slit

[14:09] <kerry> mmmm
[14:10] <Xena> well pony... you have a choice... you can have an orgasm.... or you can continue to serve Me
[14:10] * kerry a tremble through my sore and aching slit as your hand rubs me

[14:10] <Xena> whinney for Me... shake your head for the orgasm....
[14:10] * kerry wishes to serve you with all my heart

[14:10] *** Dom40sw is now known as Aibo

[14:10] <kerry> whinny
[14:10] <Gaias> re-hi Aibo
[14:10] * Xena smiles and takes Her hand from between the ponys' thighs

[14:10] <Xena> see? she doesn't even *want* to cum
[14:11] <Xena> Why force something she doesn't want on her?
[14:11] <Gaias> I do "see"
[14:11] * Xena laughs and laughs

[14:11] <Gaias> I just don't get it
[14:11] * kerry wants to come desperatly but wants to serve you more
[14:11] * Gaias laughs and sucks on a piece of blonde straw watching kerry strain to serve ...

[14:11] <Xena> well, it was either pleasure or pain.... she didn't want the pleasure
[14:12] * Gaias knows she needs her humiliation
[14:12] * Xena pushes the pony before Her... towards the tall post

[14:12] <Gaias> that's for sure
[14:12] <Xena> she needs something else, too
[14:12] * kerry the want is eating me up inside as im pushed to the tall post
[14:13] * Xena clips a chain from the post to the ponys' bridle... then passes a broad strap around the ponys' waist and the post, buckles it tight, so the pony ass is stuck out, making a perfect targe for Her whip
[14:14] * Xena takes Her whip from Her hip... steps back... flicks it out to its' full six feet length
[14:14] * kerry is fastened to the post only my legs able to move a little

[14:14] <Xena> don't worry... this isn't cruel... it's necessary to take the ponys' mind of cumming... it's a kindness really....
[14:15] * Gaias smiles at Xena's kindness to kerry
[14:15] * Xena laughs, and then SWIPES at the ponys' ass with Her whip... the leather arcing acround in one wide sweep that ends with the whip right across the ponys' ass.... THWACK!!!
[14:15] * kerry presses into the post as the whip lands

[14:15] <kerry> mmmpppfffffff
[14:15] * Xena hefts the whip back again... SWIPES it across her ass again... WHACK!!!
[14:16] * kerry the end of the whip bites deeply into me

[14:16] <kerry> whinnies
[14:16] * kerry bites down onto the bit in my mouth
[14:16] * Xena hefts the whip back again... and SWIPES it across the ponys' ass once more, without even the remotest sign of mercy or hesitation... THWACK!!!

[14:17] <Xena> Only one thing more submissive and eager to please than a horny pony
[14:17] * kerry the whip lands the hardest yet raising what feels like a ridge on my bottom

[14:17] <Xena> and that's a horny whipped pony... lol
[14:17] <kerry> MMMMNNNNNGGGGGGG
[14:18] * Xena chuckles and SWIPES the whip across the ponys' ass again... WHACK!!!
[14:18] * kerry i jerk rubbing my breasts hard into the post

[14:18] <kerry> WHINNIESSS
[14:18] * Xena loves the whinnies of a whipped pony... almost as much as She loves their tears....
[14:19] * Xena SWIPES the whip across the ponys' ass again... CRACK!!!
[14:19] * Xena doesn't pause, but whips the pony again.... THWACK!!!
[14:19] * kerry cries out over the bit my head pulling at the chain that holds my bridle as the whip does not stop

[14:20] <kerry> WHINNNIIIEESSS!!!!!
[14:20] * Xena chuckles, coiling up the whip, and re-hangs it at Her hip... Her desire being to take the edge off of the ponys' horniness, not to punish her
[14:20] * kerry tears fly from my face as i jerk
[14:20] * Xena ...of course, if the ponys' a painslut too... then she's possibly hornier still ;)
[14:21] * kerry all thoughts of being horny driven from me or a while
[14:21] * Xena strolls around in front of the pony.... strokes her cheeks lightly... wiping off her tears

[14:21] <Xena> Ohhh.... boooo-hoooo.... did Aaarrraaaaashhiii whip your pony ass too hard?
[14:21] *** Majestic has joined #girl_farm
[14:21] *** Argo sets mode: +v Majestic

[14:21] * kerry the pain is roving from my beaten bottom i gaze at you as you wipe the tears away

[14:21] <Majestic> hello all
[14:22] * Xena smirks, takes Her finger from the ponys' wet cheek... licks the salty tears off Her finger

[14:22] <Xena> Mmm. The tears of a whipped pony. Devine.
[14:23] <Xena> well pony... I suppose you're eager to know what I'm going to do next?
[14:23] * kerry nods my head

[14:23] <Xena> Well, first I'm going to get ready for work, hahaha
[14:23] * kerry sadly nods

[14:23] <Xena> And then, after an hour, I'll be back.
[14:24] <Xena> I may even be in the mood to fuck you.
[14:24] <Xena> Won't that be fun?
[14:24] * kerry nods hopefully
[14:24] * Gaias smiles

[14:24] <Gaias> ever hopeful
[14:24] <Xena> Excellent! Quarter past four, you'll get fucked!
[14:24] * Xena leans closer to the pony

[14:25] <Xena> and I shall fuck you hard, and long, until your throat is hoarse .... no pun intended...
[14:25] * kerry smiles at Mistress Xena as she leans closer blinking away tears
[14:25] * kerry nods
[14:25] * Xena snickers and frees the pony from the post
[14:26] * Xena tugs the pony after Her, by her bridle, leading her back to her stall

[14:26] <Xena> Only an hour and three quarters to wait.
[14:26] * kerry the belt leaves my waist and im away from the post and pulled into my stall

[14:26] <Xena> Hardly anything at all, after waiting all week, really :)
[14:27] * kerry nods as i stand in my stall
[14:27] * Xena shoves the pony into her stall... bolts the door
[14:27] * kerry watches the door close hearing the bolt snap shut
[14:28] * Xena fetches a large, black rubber dildo, realistically shaped... the slut-fucker that the pony will be having rammed into her, good and hard and deeply later on, and leaves it in the middle of the barn where the pony can see it
[14:28] * kerry i see the size of the dildo my eyes open wide as i can see how large it is
[14:29] * kerry my eyes remain fixed on the dildo not seeming to pull away from it
[14:29] * Xena hums softly.... strolls to the breeding frame... writes a large note and leaves it beside it...
"This breeding frame is booked for kerrys' fucking, 4:15 pm 16th Oct."
[14:30] * Xena smiles over at kerry

[14:30] <Xena> Always nice to have something to look forward to. Makes work pass so much more pleasantly
[14:31] * kerry i look at you my mouth pulled into the smile i want to give back by the bit

[14:31] <Gaias> yes, something to look forward to ...
[14:31] * Xena laughs

[14:31] <Xena> well, I better start getting ready, before I have to start.... lol
[14:32] * Xena loves that look on the ponys' face... such a delightful mix of sluttiness, desire, hope...
[14:32] * kerry my heart is racing with need and desire
[14:33] * Xena stifles a giggle
[14:34] * kerry paces the stall my bottom stripped tension high inside me
[14:36] * kerry goes down to my knees rolling to my side i lay in the straw so my bottom does not touch the straw
[14:38] * Xena looks at the clock

[14:39] <Xena> Right... see you in an hour and a half
[14:39] <Xena> stay horny hahahaha
[14:39] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Sat Oct 16 14:39:22 2004

Session Start: Sat Oct 16 16:14:43 2004
[16:14] *** Now talking in #girl_farm
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[16:14] *** Set by Xena on Thu Oct 07 12:06:41
[16:14] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Xena

[16:14] * Argo welcomes Mistress Xena with a whinny
[16:16] * kerry raises my head in welcome and gives a whinney
[16:17] * Xena sees the pony is ready for her fucking
[16:17] * Xena unbolts the stall door... grips the ponys' bridle... leads her to the breeding frame...
[16:18] * kerry is ready for anything Mistress desires as im lead from the stall
[16:18] * Xena smirks... pushes the pony over the breeding frame, and chains the ponys' bridle to a ring set low in the ground, so her ass is up nice and high....
[16:19] * kerry presses to the frame with my hips, my bridle clipped to a ring
[16:19] * Xena next kicks the ponys' feet apart... slips on leather cuffs, and chains her feet apart, so the ponys' bald cunt is freely acessible

[16:19] <Xena> Now... where's the slut-fucker?
[16:19] * Xena sees the dildo... brings it to the pony... holds it before her face
[16:20] * kerry is bent over and my legs parted wide and held there by the cuffs
[16:20] * kerry i look at the dildo that seems to large
[16:20] * Xena remembers the bit... unclips it from the bridle, pulls it from the ponys' mouth

[16:20] <Xena> suck on it... get licking it....
[16:20] * kerry my mouth free of the bit my lips stretch wide to take the dildo in my mouth
[16:21] * Xena smirks at the pony... leaves her sucking on the big black rubber dildo.... strolls between the ponys' thighs and starts stroking and caressing the ponys' hot wet cunt lips
[16:21] * kerry sucks the dildo getting it moist with my saliva
[16:21] * kerry i buck as your fingers stroke me a low growl coming from my throat

[16:22] <Xena> ooooooh, pony.... you are frisky, aren't you?
[16:22] * Xena drives Her fingers into the ponys' cunt... starts stroking them in and out
[16:22] * kerry would nod my head but i cant
[16:23] * Xena splunges Her fingers IN and OUT of that hot open pony cunt
[16:23] * kerry your fingers enter me and move in and out of my wet sex
[16:23] * Xena slaps the ponys' ass... slap!
[16:24] * kerry my juices drip around your fingers
[16:24] * kerry your hand slaps over the marks of the whip

[16:24] <kerry> mmpppffff
[16:24] * Xena tugs Her fingers from the ponys' cunt...
[16:25] * kerry my pussy gapes open and wet after your fingers leave me
[16:25] * Xena strolls back in front of the pony... wipes Her fingers on the ponys' face... smearing her with her own arousal
[16:26] * Xena tugs the big black dildo from the ponys' mouth

[16:26] <Xena> ready to be fucked, pony?
[16:26] * kerry my juices mark me i smell my musky scent

[16:26] <kerry> if you wish me to be Ma'am ... i gasp out
[16:26] <Xena> I do... did I say how you'd be fucked?
[16:27] <kerry> nnn no Ma'am
[16:27] <Xena> I'm sure I did
[16:27] <Xena> long and hard, no?
[16:27] <kerry> yes you did say long and hard till my throat was hoarse
[16:27] * Xena looks to the pony

[16:27] <Xena> indeed I did
[16:28] * Xena pushes the bit back into the ponys' mouth... clips it to the bridle again
[16:28] * Xena strolls around behind the pony, grinning as if at some private joke... holding the big black rubber dildo....
[16:28] * kerry the bit pulls my lips back into a smile digging into the soft edges
[16:29] * Xena steps between the ponys' legs...

[16:29] <Xena> ready, pony...? whinney if you are
[16:29] <kerry> whinney
[16:30] <Xena> Excellent
[16:30] * Xena slides the dildo between the ponys' asscheeks... and SHOVES it forwards, driving it into the ponys' anus, rotating it around and around as She does so, literally screwing it into the ponys' arse!

[16:31] * kerry i jerk over the breeding frame as the dildo is forced into my arse
[16:31] * Xena smiles at the pony, who is obviously enjoying it already... tugs the dildo back... and SHOVES it into the ponys' ass again, a little deeper than before!
[16:32] * kerry taken by surprise my insides stretched till i think they will split
[16:32] * Xena smirks at the pony.... yanking the dildo OUT.... then ramming it back IN....
[16:32] * kerry screams in pain into the bit
[16:33] * kerry cries out every time the dildo is thrust into me
[16:33] * Xena smiles... as She powerfully and determinedly fucks the ponys' ass with the dildo....
[16:33] * Xena grinning as the pony bucks and whinnies... obviously in the grasp of exstacy as She fucks her hard
[16:33] * kerry cannot move as the dildo moves harshly inside me rubbing my inside horribly
[16:34] * Xena ...dildo IN.... OUT... IN... OUT... IN... OUT...
[16:34] * Xena again and again.... reaming the ponys' rear hard....
[16:34] * kerry cries as my arse is used my pussy all swollen and wanting a touch
[16:35] * kerry never used this hard before in my bottom struggling against the bonds
[16:35] * Xena completely ignores that puffy red drooling cunt.... just driving the dildo forcefully in and out and in and out and in and out of the ponys' delicate pink ring....
[16:35] * Xena ...positively and roughly raping the ponys' ass with the hard black rubber dildo

[16:35] <kerry> screammmmmmmssss
[16:36] <Xena> that's it pony... enjoy!
[16:36] * kerry my anus on fire as the dildo is forced deeper and deeper into my
[16:36] * kerry blubbers around the bit
[16:36] * Xena laughs... ramming and ramming the dildo into the ponys' ass again and again... determined to leave the ponys' ass aching by the time She is done...
[16:37] * kerry my anus starts to chaff as the dildo is thrust time and again into me
[16:38] * Xena yanks out the dildo suddenly.... laughs at the sight of the ponys' ass, gaping open momentarily... tosses the dildo aside

[16:38] <Xena> well, pony, I hope you enjoyed the fucking.
[16:38] * kerry the dildo leaves me and my rose slowly closes
[16:38] * Xena chuckles, unclips the pony from the breeding frame... jerks her up to her feet
[16:38] * kerry whimpers as im jerked to my feet
[16:39] * Xena finished with the business of fucking the pony, leads her by her bridle to her stall again

[16:39] <Xena> that's your weekly fuck, pony.
[16:40] * kerry staggers after you my legs slightly bowed as i try not to rub my cheeks together
[16:40] * Xena chuckles, shoves the pony inside her stall, bolts it.... and writes on the clipboard... the date, and one word: Fucked.
[16:40] * kerry nods
[16:40] * kerry locked yet again into the stall, in pain again
[16:41] * Xena laughs

[16:41] <Xena> did the pony expect anything else? LOL
[16:42] * kerry only to be used as you saw fit
[16:42] * Xena has done that... hahaha

[16:42] <Xena> well... buh bye pony.... ;)
[16:42] * kerry whinney a god bye
[16:43] * kerry whinney a good bye

[16:46] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Sat Oct 16 16:46:31 2004

Session Start: Sat Oct 16 22:48:35 2004
[22:48] *** Now talking in #girl_farm
[22:48] *** Topic is '1A home for all the 4cows1 and 4ponies1 and 4puppies1 on IRC. View our website at 4 1Donations and logs gratefully received ;)'
[22:48] *** Set by Xena on Thu Oct 07 12:06:41
[22:48] *** Argo sets mode: +v Lisa

[22:49] <Lisa> Ooo look. the pony on a promise.
[22:49] <kerry> whinny to Lisa
[22:49] * Lisa looks at the pony... wondering how her day went?
[22:50] * kerry painfully
[22:50] * Lisa laughs... yes... it started that way... for you, anyway
[22:50] * Gaias gives kerry a sadistic smile at her confession

[22:50] <Lisa> want it to finish on a little pain?
[22:51] * kerry it did not get any better :)
[22:51] * kerry nods :)
[22:51] * Lisa laughs, didn't it?
[22:52] * kerry no Ma'am

[22:52] <Gaias> no.
[22:52] * Lisa looks in at the pony... still in tight bondage?

[22:52] <Lisa> Oh dear
[22:52] * kerry yes i am
[22:52] * Lisa opens the ponys' stall and saunters in
[22:53] * kerry watches Lisa approach
[22:53] * Gaias settles on a bale of straw one long leg drawn up to watch the women play ...
[22:54] * Lisa doesn't bother with toying with the pony or being subtle... She simply rams two fingers up into the ponys' cunt... just thrusts them straight in, as far as She can

[22:54] <Gaias> oh, momma ...
[22:54] * Gaias watches
[22:54] * kerry gasps as your fingers ram into me ... my slit permantly damp and wanting to be touched

[22:54] <kerry> mmmmppfff
[22:54] * Lisa laughs

[22:55] <Lisa> the pony hasn't cum?
[22:55] * Lisa waggles Her fingers, deep inside the ponys' vagina
[22:55] * kerry tightens onto your fingers reflexes taking over as i fight to control them

[22:55] <Lisa> no... you don't need to answer... I *know*
[22:55] <Lisa> bounce up and down, pony
[22:56] <Lisa> ride My fingers
[22:56] * kerry wanting so much to lean on you let you bring me to orgasm but having to resist
[22:56] * kerry bounces a little ... then harder

[22:56] <Lisa> that's it pony
[22:56] <Lisa> bounce up and down
[22:56] <Lisa> hump My fingers
[22:57] * kerry using your fingers to fuck my aching cunt
[22:57] * Lisa holds Her hand still... Her fingers extended straight up the ponys' cunt

[22:57] <Lisa> that's it... use My fingers to fuck yourself
[22:57] * kerry squeezes as i raise up and down
[22:57] * kerry my eyes shut as pleasure starts to build

[22:57] <Lisa> that's it pony... faster! faster!
[22:58] * kerry i bite hard onto the bit and get control of myself
[22:58] * Lisa just stands and smirks at the pony

[22:58] <Lisa> keep going as long as you like, pony
[22:58] * kerry has to stop but the urge to obey is killing me as well
[22:58] * Lisa smiles at the pony

[22:58] <Lisa> is that all the fucking you want?
[22:59] * kerry wants more but does not know if i would be able to control myself
[22:59] * Lisa smiles encouragingly at kerry
[22:59] * kerry may i pm you please Ma'am

[22:59] <Lisa> go on... hump My fingers
[22:59] <Lisa> why?
[22:59] <Lisa> you going shy all of a sudden?
[23:00] * Gaias likes the way Lisa and Mistress Xena use and abuse kerry pony
[23:00] * Lisa snickers... funny time to get shy, with fingers rammed up your cunt... in public, too
[23:00] * kerry wants to know why you use me the same as Mistress Xena
[23:01] * Gaias smiles seeing kerry's cunt violated

[23:01] <Gaias> again
[23:01] <Lisa> Hey, I just want to see you cum
[23:01] * kerry squeezes tightly on the fingers inside me
[23:01] * Lisa shrugs and jerks Her fingers from the ponys' cunt

[23:01] <Lisa> but if you'd rather not...
[23:01] * kerry shakes as your fingers leave me

[23:01] <Stranger1> hello
[23:01] * Lisa wipes Her fingers over kerrys' face... smearing her with her own wetness
[23:02] * kerry again my juices are spread over my face i can smell my arousel
[23:03] * Lisa strolls out of the ponys' stall... leaving her with her own horniness.... and of course her juices smeared over her face
[23:03] * kerry another night with my own smell to accompany me
[23:04] * Gaias thinks kerry should touch

[23:04] <Gaias> then smell those fingers
[23:04] <Gaias> as she goes to bed
[23:04] * Lisa laughs... well... you *were* offered My fingers to amuse yourself with
[23:04] * kerry neighs a thank you
[23:05] * Lisa watches the pony... to see what she might do next...
[23:05] * kerry stands very still as my mind tries to bring my rebelling body down
[23:06] * Lisa watches the pony with amusement

[23:06] <Gaias> such a struggle
[23:06] * kerry would crawl to Miss Xena if she was here

[23:06] <Lisa> you don't suppose she'll wind up waiting another week....?
[23:06] <Gaias> this slave goes through nightly
[23:06] <Lisa> does she now?
[23:06] <Lisa> Must be quite a struggle
[23:07] * Gaias thinks so ...

[23:07] <Gaias> I take pity on the poor beast, but
[23:07] <Gaias> none of the Dommes seem to ...
[23:07] * kerry its is terrible

[23:07] <Lisa> but you got to admire the will power?
[23:07] <Gaias> yes
[23:07] <Gaias> I do.
[23:07] <Lisa> none of the Dommes take pity on her?
[23:07] * Lisa chuckles

[23:08] <Lisa> she's like the room slut then?
[23:08] <Lisa> with the exception of having orgasms?
[23:08] * Lisa laughs... that is sooooooooooooo funny

[23:08] <Gaias> Farm slut
[23:08] <Gaias> more like it
[23:09] <Gaias> I like to think of it as an Estate
[23:09] *** slutamii has joined #girl_farm

[23:09] * Lisa nods
[23:09] * Gaias has pretensions of grandeur
[23:09] * Gaias chuckles

[23:09] <Gaias> hello, amii, welcome to our humble Estate
[23:09] * kerry does not even get that far only you Ma'am, Gaias and Miss Xena have even touched me

[23:09] <Lisa> surely the pony will get her orgasm tomorrow.
[23:09] <slutamii> thank You Gaias Sir
[23:09] <Gaias> nope
[23:09] <slutamii> hello A/all
[23:10] <Lisa> after all... longer than that would be inhuman.
[23:10] <Lisa> And cruel
[23:10] * Gaias thinks Xena will make her go weeks
[23:10] * Lisa starts to laugh again

[23:10] <Lisa> you think?
[23:10] <Gaias> get on all fours, slutamii and crawl closer ...
[23:10] <Gaias> from what I have seen so far, Lisa
[23:10] * Lisa chuckles, has offered to make her cum on at least three separate occasions now

[23:10] <Gaias> kerry should think about cum`ing
[23:10] <Gaias> in 2005
[23:11] * kerry gulps

[23:11] <Lisa> Must be one sick bitch.
[23:11] <Gaias> yes, Lisa, You have offered
[23:11] <Gaias> but Xena has said no
[23:11] * slutamii lowers to her hands and knees and crawls to Gaias...her tits hang and sway in movement with her ass

[23:11] <Gaias> now who is the sick bitch?
[23:11] * kerry would take your offer but a promise is a promise as much as it hurts me inside
[23:11] * Gaias guffaws and reaches out a long arm to pet slutamii's dark hair
[23:12] * Lisa shrugs... had the best intentions

[23:12] <Gaias> oh, Me too!
[23:12] <Lisa> I don't know. I try and help a poor girl out... and does it get recognize? Nope.
[23:12] * Gaias traces a long finger under slutamii's jaw
[23:13] * Lisa looks in at the pony
[23:13] * kerry looks out from my stall sadly

[23:13] <Lisa> although, most would take the orgasm on the quiet and say nothing. It's rare you find someone who actually believes a promise is a promise
[23:13] * Lisa bursts into laughter at the look on the ponys' face

[23:13] <Gaias> a lovely genuine dilemma
[23:13] * kerry it was the way i was bought up

[23:14] <Gaias> take this one in contrast ...
[23:14] * Gaias pets slutamii
[23:14] * Lisa actually approves

[23:14] <Gaias> can't come often enough
[23:14] <Gaias> to suit Moi
[23:14] * Lisa looks to slutamii

[23:14] <Lisa> I guess it's horses for courses, or something ;)
[23:15] * Gaias thinks kerry slave would make a beautiful puppy

[23:15] <Gaias> but, that, again
[23:15] <Gaias> is another story
[23:15] * Gaias massages slutamii's scalp through her dark hair as she kneels at the Farm
[23:15] * Lisa chuckles, keeping Her eyes on kerry
[23:16] * slutamii remains very quiet and still appreciating the touch of her Master
[23:16] * kerry has not even been released from these tight straps for a week

[23:16] <Gaias> now kiss My long bare knees, slutamii
[23:16] <Lisa> puppies get more cums than ponies, of course
[23:16] <Gaias> and tell us what sort of farm animal you want to be, tonight ...
[23:16] <Lisa> no need to compete in shows and stuff... well.. not as much...
[23:17] * slutamii begins to plants short wet kisses on Gaias' bare knees
[23:18] * Gaias scrathes behind her cute ears as she begins her oral attentions to My naked long legs ...
[23:18] * Lisa wonders idly how the pony manages during the day... a week without orgasms must make one very.... irritable?
[23:18] * slutamii licks and rubs her lips across His skin....kisses and more kisses
[23:19] * kerry very controlled with what i say now to others think before i speak

[23:19] <Gaias> one would think so, Lisa
[23:19] * Lisa chuckles

[23:19] <Gaias> `tis not ... um ... normal?
[23:19] * kerry raises my head permission to leave please Ma'am and Sir

[23:19] <Lisa> very controlled... haha... I like that
[23:19] <Lisa> if you must kerry
[23:19] <Lisa> do come again soon... LOL
[23:20] <Gaias> go, slavekerry
[23:20] <Gaias> come often
[23:20] *** Dillon has joined #girl_farm
[23:20] *** Argo sets mode: +v Dillon

[23:20] <Gaias> but do not orgasm, pet
[23:20] * kerry night Lisa Gaias Dillon slutamii

[23:20] <Dillon> hello
[23:20] <Lisa> hiya Dillon
[23:20] *** kerry has quit IRC (QUIT: dIRC IRC Client -

[23:20] <Gaias> allo Dillon
[23:25] <Gaias> do You ever use men, Lisa?
[23:25] * Lisa hunches a shoulder... kind of

[23:26] <Gaias> kind of? kind of like I use their submissive cocks in a scene as a tool for a girl's submission?
[23:26] <Gaias> like amii's
[23:26] * Lisa shrugs... that... or kind of like... uh... never mind... lol
[23:27] * Gaias fondles amii's slave head as she perches naked on all fours at My big feet ...

[23:27] *** Mayhem has joined #girl_farm
[23:27] *** Argo sets mode: +v Mayhem

[23:27] <Gaias> hey there, Mayhem
[23:27] <Gaias> oh, never mind?
[23:28] <Gaias> darn, You, Lisa
[23:28] <Mayhem> hi Gaias
[23:28] <Gaias> to get a man all curious
[23:28] <Lisa> what?
[23:28] * Lisa grins

[23:28] <Gaias> darn You
[23:28] <Lisa> Maybe I can't say. Server rules.
[23:28] * Gaias thinks You enjoy teasing cunts

[23:28] <Gaias> and cocks
[23:28] * Lisa , a tease?
[23:28] <Gaias> and You may say whatever you like
[23:28] <Gaias> Server be damned
[23:28] <Lisa> I can say it in PM :)
[23:29] <Lisa> or in the presence of the strong stomached and broad minded
[23:30] * Gaias chuckles big hand in amii's short hair as she lickles along My long legs ...
[23:33] * slutamii kisses and makes short lappings at the area on his innder thigh just above the knee
[23:33] * Gaias reins in pet, with a big fist in her hair

[23:33] <Gaias> kneel
[23:34] <Gaias> and be still
[23:34] * slutamii kneels and is quiet

Session Close: Sat Oct 16 23:49:09 2004

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