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[23:26] * Argo welcomes Mistress Xena with a whinny

[23:26] <Xena> goodness Me.... the pony.
[23:27] <kerry> whinnies a welcome
[23:28] <Xena> and how is the pony now? Sleepy, maybe?
[23:28] * kerry i fell asleep on the settee tonight sllept for about four hours
[23:29] * Xena laughs... bets you felt stiff and sore all over after *that*
[23:29] * kerry i did
[23:29] * Xena grins at the pony.... but you got through the day of work, did you? whatever that was?
[23:30] * kerry struggles staying awake at break times but the rest of the day i was too busy
[23:31] * Xena grins... and what does the pony do for a living...?
[23:31] * kerry works in a factory
[23:32] * Xena nods....

[23:32] <Xena> sounds fun
[23:32] * kerry can be also can be dull Ma'am
[23:33] * Xena chuckles... She can be sarcastic on occassion, you know.
[23:33] * kerry knows :)
[23:33] * Xena smiles at the pony

[23:34] <Xena> Usually when you think I might be being sarcastic, I usually am.
[23:34] * kerry tries to smile back but my mouth is already forced into a smile by the bit
[23:35] * Xena smirks, well, that's why She thinks ponies are always happy. They always smile :)
[23:35] * kerry nods
[23:36] * Xena takes the clipboard off the stall door
[23:37] * kerry watches your every movement

[23:37] <Xena> let's see...
[23:37] * Xena checks your training off on the shedule

[23:37] <Xena> Still no orgasms yet?
[23:38] * kerry shakes my head sadly... not having orgasmed for a week now

[23:38] <Xena> well pony... describe yourself...
[23:38] <Xena> More accurately, what you're equipped with.
[23:39] * kerry has 36c breasts a heart shaped bottom a shaven pussy
[23:40] * kerry brown eyes auburn hair
[23:40] * Xena leers at the pony... Ooo... the busty pony with the delightful shaped ass. Mmm. I love hearing about that :)
[23:41] * Xena sips a nice refreshing glass of orange juice... freshly squeezed, of course, by a slave
[23:42] * kerry eyes the orange juice

[23:42] <Xena> going to describe your tack, too?
[23:42] * kerry my mouth waters at the sight of it
[23:43] * Xena smirks at the pony.... has another long sip
[23:43] * kerry is wearing a corset tightly laced a belt and strap holding a butt plug in side my bottom
[23:44] * kerry a bridle with bit tightly pulled into my lips and thigh high heeled boots
[23:44] * Xena just loves that taste... so sweet... slightly acidic... and so orangey.... with a long lasted after taste... so nice and cool, too.
[23:44] * Xena smiles at the pony.... all ready dressed.
[23:44] * kerry as you left me
[23:44] * Xena slides open the stall door... pushes it open and looks in
[23:45] * Xena guesses, still frustrated and horny, then ;)
[23:45] * kerry i nod my head
[23:45] * Xena smirks

[23:45] <Xena> well, what to do with the pony tonight
[23:46] * Xena recalls the orange juice... drains the glass and sets it aside
[23:47] * Xena smirks at the pony... Like all things, when it's served it's purpose, it's cast aside. In this case, the glass.
[23:47] * Xena grips the ponys' bridle and pulls her out into the open
[23:47] * kerry hears your words as you grip my bridle

[23:48] <Xena> let's see.... before we start, we need to decorate you
[23:48] * Xena casts Her eyes over the collection of nipple clamps...
[23:48] * kerry forgot to say my hands are bound behind me
[23:49] * Xena eyes sweep over the plain ones, with the screws.... the plain ones, with the powerful springs that press the jaws shut...
[23:49] * Xena chuckles, assumed they are ;)
[23:49] * kerry stand nervously as you look over the clamps
[23:50] * Xena ...looks next at the larger, more vicious-looking serrated clamps... the teeth small, but numerous and wickedly sharp...
[23:50] * kerry feels my stomach knot as you describe knowing those might draw blood
[23:51] * Xena takes up a pair. They look like a bizarre cross between castanets and meat tenderisers, having wide plates, pressed together by powerful springs, the plates are coated with numerous sharp spikes

[23:51] <Xena> these will do
[23:51] * Xena pries open the jaws with obvious effort and turns to the pony
[23:52] * kerry looks at the wide clamps and i shuffle back a step
[23:52] * Xena looks at the pony backing away, Her eyes threatening... steps closer...
[23:53] * kerry see's the look in your eyes and i stop
[23:53] * Xena slides the clamps over the points of the ponys' breasts... moves them in little circles... so the pony can feel the little teeth
[23:53] * kerry the teeth scratch over the surface of my breast
[23:53] * Xena lets go... and the ponys' nipples are suddenly crushed between the studded metal plates with mortifying pressure

[23:53] <kerry> NNNEEEEEEEE
[23:54] * Xena takes up a pair of silver bells... threads them onto the rings on the clamps... lets them drop, so they yank down the ponys' breasts sharply
[23:54] * kerry the clamp squash's and the teeth dig into my nipples
[23:55] * Xena grips the ponys' bridle again... leads her out to the corral
[23:55] * kerry the teeth grip tightly as the bells drop from your hand pulling my nipples down pain fully

[23:55] <Xena> ok pony... trot around the corral... one complete circuit... make sure you impress Me with your training.
[23:55] <Xena> I shall be watching
[23:56] * kerry pulled to the corral the clamp bouncing on my nipples
[23:56] * Xena slaps the ponys' heart-shaped ass Slap!
[23:56] * kerry i start to trot leading with my left leg raised high ..... a grimce around the bit as the clamp moves
[23:57] * kerry tinkle .... the bells sound as my foot lands only for my right leg to raise high
[23:57] * Xena looks around... damn... forgot My crop... the black leather one, that's so whippy and stingy... spots it, takes it up, and watches the pony, slapping Her palm with it as She watches, Her lips pressed tightly together... Her expression highly critical
[23:58] * kerry each knee raising to just above my hip as i trot around the corral each step making the clamp bounce pull hurt and jingle
[23:59] * Xena eyes follow the pony around the corral... Her only other animation is the crop, slap, slapping on Her palm
[00:00] * Xena watches as the pony trots around... back to Her
[00:01] * kerry trots around the corral a full circuit
[00:02] * Xena smiles at the pony... waiting for her to return to Her
[00:02] * kerry trots up to you my face having a small grimace of pain on it

[00:02] <Xena> well, pony... that was almost a reasonable attempt
[00:03] * Xena grabs the ponys' bridle and shoves her to the fence, brandishing Her crop in Her other hand
[00:03] * kerry pushed to the fence your crop near my ear
[00:04] * Xena SWATS the crop across the ponys' ass.... WHACK!
And I'll tell you how to improve
[00:04] * Xena SWIPES the crop across the ponys' ass again... THWACK!
And improve you shall!
[00:04] <kerry> whinnies
[00:04] * kerry as the crop strikes my bottom
[00:04] * Xena SWIPES the crop across the ponys' ass once again... THWACK!
This what you did wrong...
[00:05] * kerry it flattens my bottom as it sweeps into me
[00:05] * kerry pays attention as your crop lands and you tell me what i was doing wrong
[00:06] <Xena> you started good.... THWACK! with the crop again...
but then you rushed it halfway around! SWIPES and SWIPES with the crop, to illustrate Her point... THWACK! WHACK! CRACK! CRACK! in quick, rapid fire succession across the ponys' ass
[00:06] <kerry> WHIIINNNIEES at the repeated blows on my bottom
[00:06] * Xena barely gives the pony a moments' respite.... THWACK! WHACK! with the crop
Now trot around the corral again!
[00:07] <Xena> You must be the very essence of poetry in motion! Giddyup! THWACK! with the crop again!
[00:07] * kerry my bottom feels like it is burning as i step away from the fence
[00:08] * Xena grins, Her hands on Her leather-covered hips, Her grin huge and wide with obvious amusement
[00:08] * kerry i raise my right leg till it reaches just above my hips then i lower it my toes pointing down
[00:08] * Xena chuckles, that ass is not just heart shaped... but also coloured delightfully red, too....
[00:08] * kerry as my right foot touches the ground my left foot raises
[00:09] * Xena eyes follow the pony... Her expression only more critical... not the least sign of mercy there at all
[00:09] * kerry my left knee raises above my hip and i bring it down trotting around the corral /me every high step followed by the tinkle of the bells on my clamped nipples
[00:10] * kerry left knee high up toes pointing as my foot lands
[00:11] * Xena eyes are still on the pony... Her gaze a cone of concentration... taking in every least expression and motion
[00:11] * kerry raising my right leg my calf parallel
[00:12] * kerry i raise my head high as i get the gait flowing to the matching tinkles of the bells
[00:12] * Xena smiles slightly.... so delightful and soothing to hear soft tinkling chimes...
[00:13] * kerry my bottom glows red as i try to make it wriggle to each high step
[00:13] * Xena exhales happily... fresh air, gentle music, and a pony. Perfection :)
[00:14] * kerry kepping my knee's high and my calfs parallel i trot in a wide circle around you
[00:14] * Xena smiles at the pony as she returns to Her
[00:15] * kerry i trot up to Mistress Xena and i stop

[00:15] <Xena> Very good pony... that was delightful
[00:16] * Xena reaches for the ponys' sex harness... unbuckles the strap, lets it fall... and then She plunges Her two fingers straight up, right up into that ponys' cunt
[00:16] * kerry i try a smile around the bit happy that i trotted better for you that time

[00:16] <Xena> I think you deserve a little reward
[00:16] <kerry> MMMpppffff
[00:16] * Xena draws Her fingers out, very, very slowly....
[00:16] * Xena ...then RAMS them right up into that pony cunt again!
[00:17] * kerry your fingers slowly ease there way inside me ... only to thrust into me
[00:17] * Xena starts fingerfucking the pony... drawing Her fingers out slowly and easily... before ramming up hard and fast!
[00:17] * kerry i grip your thrusting fingers tightly

[00:17] <kerry> mmmmppffff
[00:17] <Xena> Ooo, pony, you're enjoying this aren't you?
[00:18] * Xena smirks at the pony, feeling her muscles clench around Her fingers...
[00:18] * kerry your slow and then hard movements a delight
[00:18] * Xena keeps driving Her fingers IN! out........................... IN! out........................ IN! out...................
[00:18] * Xena ..........................and IN! out........................... IN! out........................ IN! out...................
[00:19] * Xena ..........................and IN! out........................... IN! out........................ IN! out...................
[00:19] * kerry i rock onto the heels of the boots as your fingers make me wetter
[00:19] * Xena then steps back, and pulls the cunt strap up between your thighs, buckles it again... ignoring you now
[00:19] * kerry my eyes open wide and i look at you as the sencations start to assault my brain
[00:20] * Xena just wipes Her fingers dry across your face... smearing your own wetness there
[00:20] * kerry sighs deeply as our fingers leave me and the strap is refastened
[00:20] * Xena grips the bridle again... tugs... leading you across the corral

[00:20] <Xena> come, pony
[00:20] * Xena is all cold and businesslike again
[00:20] * kerry i smell my own arousel as you dry your fingers on me
[00:21] * kerry i follow you your hand in my bridle
[00:21] * kerry walks close to you across the corral
[00:21] * Xena leads you to the cart.... pushes you to stand between the shafts... which She hitches to the corset you wear
[00:22] * kerry the cart is fastened to the corset its weight pushes lightly
[00:22] * Xena frowns... nearly forgot the reins... attaches reins to the nipple clamps... then, holding the reins in one hand, the crop in Her other hand, She steps into the cart
[00:23] * kerry the shafts bounce lightly the reins pull at the clamps
[00:23] * Xena grins, knowing even slight movements of the clamps must be agony
[00:24] * kerry beads of sweat are forming on my brow
[00:24] * Xena smiles, waiting patiently for the pony to indicate her readiness
[00:24] * kerry is wondering if my nipples are bleeding
[00:24] * kerry i lean forward in the shafts the clamp pulling as it hangs down
[00:24] * Xena has no doubt the studs are biting in viciously
[00:25] * kerry my bottom presented to you
[00:25] * Xena raises the crop and SWIPES it across the ponys' asscheeks.... THWACK!!!
Giddyup, pony! Trot!
[00:26] * kerry with a whinney i raise my leg high and start to trot the wheels of the cart moving behind me
[00:26] * kerry keeping my calf parallel to the ground as it lowers
[00:27] * Xena chuckles as the cart jerks into motion... tugs at the reins... yanking on first one nipple clamp... then the other... directing the pony this way... that way...
[00:27] * kerry the clamp bounces and pulls as i trot accross the yard

[00:27] <kerry> whinnies with each pull of the dreadfull clamp
[00:27] * Xena steers the pony right back around the corral.... back to the stalls....
[00:27] * Xena grins... grips the reins tightly...
[00:28] * kerry the teeth gripping my nipples so hard as i turn into each pull
[00:28] * kerry the reins pull me to a stop
[00:28] * Xena chuckles... steps out of the cart
[00:29] * kerry my nipples feel like fire

[00:29] <Xena> well, pony.... you are developing quite nicely.... very nicely indeed
[00:29] * kerry has a tear rolling down my face
[00:29] * Xena slides Her hand between the ponys' thighs... pressing the leather strap against the ponys' hot wet cunt... sliding Her finger back and forth teasingly....

[00:29] <Xena> I think you deserve another little reward, don't you?
[00:29] <kerry> mmm mmppfff
[00:30] * kerry hopes im doing well :)
[00:30] * Xena taps the strap, right over where the ponys' clitoris is... the sensation is transmitted very faintly
[00:30] * kerry nods

[00:30] <Xena> you are doing well indeed.... want another reward? Whinney if you do
[00:31] <kerry> whinney
[00:31] * Xena smiles, takes Her hand away and steps back

[00:31] <Xena> on your knees, pony
[00:31] * kerry i go to one knee and i lower my other knee down
[00:32] * kerry on my knee's before you my bottom still high
[00:32] * Xena tosses a battered old tin bowl before the pony, and pours out a very small quantity of that orange juice She had earlier, for the pony to lap up

[00:32] <Xena> you earned that, pony :-)
[00:32] <Xena> drink up!
[00:32] * kerry i see the orange juice in the tin bowl and i lower my head to it
[00:33] * Xena chuckles, knowing that as the pony bends right over... the strap rubs against the ponys' cunt and bites in a little harder... teasing her all the more

[00:33] <Xena> surely you didn't think I was going to lower Myself to fingering your slutty pony cunt again, did you?
[00:33] * kerry as i lower the strap pulls tighter my lips dip into the orange juice and i suck at it
[00:34] * kerry i suck the orange juice around the bit in my mouth
[00:34] * Xena lifts Her left foot... places Her boot on the back of the ponys' head.... keeping her bent over... her face in the tin bowl... right down amongst the dust and dirt
[00:34] * kerry the sweet juice quenches my first

[00:34] <Xena> I don't think you really want to cum, do you?
[00:34] * kerry your foot holds me down as i slurp at the juice

[00:34] <Xena> it's control you want... crave... need
[00:34] <Xena> not orgasms
[00:35] * kerry Mistress knows how i feel as my face is pushed into the bowl

[00:35] <Xena> you need to be kept in your place... by a stern and strict Trainer, don't you, you little beast?
[00:35] * kerry tries to nod

[00:36] <Xena> you need to be treated as an animal... nothing more... stripped of all your humanity... reduced to just a beast of burden
[00:36] <Xena> used... and used... and used... in whatever small minded and petty way I desire...
[00:36] * kerry i nod my head as your foot holds me down

[00:36] <Xena> ...with your own desires and needs ignored
[00:36] * Xena chuckles

[00:37] <Xena> you didn't think I would actually care if you had an orgasm now, next week, or next month, do you?
[00:37] * kerry the orange juice sticks to my face
[00:37] * kerry no i did not think that you did
[00:37] * Xena snickers, sensing the ponys' absolute submission
[00:38] * Xena takes Her boot from the ponys' head.... unclips her from the cart... ignoring the pony again... as She jerks her to her feet
[00:38] * kerry im pulled to my feet juice trickles down my face
[00:39] * Xena chuckles... pushes the pony before Her... back to her stall

[00:39] <Xena> Oh... the reins
[00:40] * kerry pushed back into the stall my nipples still painfully clamped throbbing hammering in my ears
[00:40] * Xena grins, unclips the clamps from the ponys' nipples... the studded metal jaws seemingly reluctant to let go of the flattened flesh between them... She tosses the clamps aside

[00:40] * Xena looks at the nipples... flat.... white... the odd speck of blood... but no real damage to worry about
[00:41] * kerry the blood rushes back into my nipples pain flodding into them quickly
[00:41] * Xena sprays antiseptic spray over the nipples, less due to risk of infection, more for the stinging it will cause

[00:41] <kerry> mmmnngggg
[00:41] * Xena pushes the pony in.... closes the stall door again... bolts it
[00:41] * kerry the spray creates a new pain
[00:42] * Xena takes down the clipboard again... notes the ponys' training and progress... the date... and finally, Her comments and observations; three words, which She writes in capitals and underlines in red: Should be whipped
[00:43] * Xena flashes the pony a smile as She hangs the clipboard on the stall door, before turning away
[00:43] * kerry watches you turn away from me
[00:44] * kerry feeling frustrated again but the pain in my nipples and bottom are dulling the need which i know will rise again later
[00:44] * Xena chuckles... next time... the need will be dulled considerably.... by Her whip...

[00:46] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Oct 14 00:46:24 2004

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