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Session Start: Sun Oct 10 20:00:57 2004
[12:10] ***Now talking in #girl_farm
[12:10] ***Topic is 'A home for all the cows and ponies and puppies on IRC. Website coming soon with... well, wait and see. Donations and logs gratefully received ;-)'
[12:10] ***Set by Xena on Sun Sep 26 20:02:20
[20:00] *** Argo sets mode: +v Lisa

[20:01] * kerry if she offers it yes but we have not knonw each other long

[20:01] <Mayhem> ok
[20:03] * Lisa guesses not much going on here tonight...
[20:03] * kerry shakes my head
[20:04] * Lisa looks at the pony with the shakey head

[20:04] <Lisa> Well, I guess it *is* Sunday, after all.
[20:04] * kerry it is Ma'am

[20:04] <Mayhem> shit astros are playing brb
[20:04] <Lisa> Hmm.
[20:05] <Lisa> Now that raises questions
[20:05] <Mayhem> what
[20:06] <Lisa> where you are for a start... outer space? And what games are the astronaughts playing?
[20:06] <Mayhem> no i live in houston
[20:06] <Mayhem> watching the game
[20:06] <Lisa> Ah.
[20:06] <Lisa> Multi tasking huh... watching the football and training ponies.
[20:07] * Lisa chuckles

[20:08] <Mayhem> no baseball game
[20:08] <Mayhem> but the Texans are playing
[20:10] <Lisa> kerry is awfully quiet.
[20:10] * kerry is locked in my stall
[20:10] * Lisa looks in at the pony

[20:11] <Lisa> So you are. Tired, maybe?
[20:11] *** Dillon has joined #girl_farm
[20:11] *** Argo sets mode: +v Dillon

[20:11] * kerry tied wrists bridled and bit gagged
[20:12] * Lisa allows that might make communication difficult ;)
[20:12] * kerry nods my head
[20:12] * Lisa unlocks the stall door and strolls in, looks at the pony, all ready to... serve.
[20:13] * kerry is ready to serve but not allowed to cum
[20:13] * Lisa chuckles, who said anything about cumming?
[20:13] * Lisa reaches for and gropes kerrys' breasts, squeezing slightly, as if testing fruit.
[20:13] * kerry breathes a sigh of relief around the bit
[20:14] * kerry your hands press my breasts your finger tips digging in

[20:14] <Lisa> Got sensitive nipples, pony?
[20:14] * Lisa tweaks the nipples... twisting... pinching... squeezing....
[20:14] * kerry nods

[20:14] *** robertaPs has joined #girl_farm

[20:14] <kerry> whinies
[20:14] * kerry your fingers twist my nipples
[20:15] * Lisa chuckles, slides Her hand down the ponys' stomach... and between her thighs...
[20:15] * kerry your hand touches the belt that goes between my legs

[20:15] <Lisa> Hmm... a belt?
[20:15] * kerry the outside damp
[20:16] * kerry the belt holds a butt plug inside me
[20:16] * Lisa rubs the belt, pressing hard, so the pressure is transmitted through the leather to the ponys' cunt... running Her finger back and forth

[20:16] <kerry> mmmpppfff
[20:17] * Lisa slides Her finger back further... feels the bulge of the leather between her ass cheeks...

[20:17] <Lisa> hehe, there's the plug
[20:17] * kerry your hand presses to my pussy then to the plug
[20:17] * kerry standing on tip toe your hands teasing me
[20:18] * Dillon sits back and watchs
[20:18] * Lisa unbuckles the belt, lets the strap hang down

[20:18] <Lisa> Well, let's see the cunt that made that belt so wet, shall we?
[20:18] * kerry the belt is released revealing my hot sex

[20:19] <robertaPs> hello A/all hello Dillon, Dimitri, Mayhem
[20:19] * kerry shaven ....lips puffy.... wet
[20:19] * Lisa thrusts two fingers, suddenly, brusquely, without warning, into that puffy-lipped wet cunt
[20:19] * Lisa rams the fingers up as hard and deep as She can... looking at the pony with an expression of mild amusement
[20:20] * kerry your fingers enter me suddenly .... i gasp
[20:20] * kerry my eyes bulge and i try to lift away
[20:20] * Lisa smirks and lifts Her fingers up higher as the pony tries to pull away

[20:20] <Lisa> not shy are you, about your slutty whoreishness, surely?
[20:21] * kerry i cant escape the fingers i try to move away but they feel so good
[20:21] * Lisa wiggles Her fingers in that hot and horny pony cunt
[20:21] <Lisa> Mmm. Someone has kept you waiting, haven't they?
[20:22] * kerry i mew into the bit not wanting to come but your fingers bring the need on

[20:22] <Lisa> Why, I stick two fingers up your cunt - easily, I might add - and you're already on the verge of cumming?
[20:22] * Lisa laughs

[20:22] <Lisa> Slut.
[20:23] * kerry has been denied for twenty four hours plus and has had a butt plug hummimg away inside me for all that time
[20:23] * Lisa laughs

[20:23] <Lisa> denied twenty four hours?
[20:23] <Lisa> Poor pony
[20:24] * kerry nods
[20:24] * Lisa unclips the ponys' bit from her bridle.... pulls the bit out
[20:24] * kerry i stretch my mouth as the bit is removed
[20:24] * Lisa slides Her fingers out of the ponys' cunt... and then drives them innnnnnnn.......
[20:24] * kerry the cruel bit such a relief as it is removed
[20:25] * Lisa grins, looking for another kind of relief?
[20:25] * kerry your fingers go into my mouth i taste myself on them
[20:25] * kerry mumbles,............. no Ma'am i promised

[20:26] <Lisa> no? you promised?
[20:26] <kerry> i promised i would not cum
[20:26] * Lisa laughs

[20:26] <kerry> or implied i would not
[20:26] <Lisa> this should be fun....
[20:26] <Lisa> Oh... *implied*?
[20:26] * Lisa fingers are suddenly rammed right up into that hot wet pony cunt again...

[20:27] <Lisa> that means you might.
[20:27] <kerry> oohhhh
[20:27] * Lisa draws Her fingers out of that hot, wet pony cunt... and drives them back in... and out... and in... and out.... and in....

[20:27] <kerry> no Ma'am i wont cum
[20:27] * robertaPs smiles, watching what happens
[20:27] * Lisa smiles

[20:27] <Lisa> A challenge?
[20:28] * kerry your fingers drive in and out of me
[20:28] * Dillon watchs the pony getting finger fucked
[20:28] * Lisa drives Her fingers INNNN.... and OOOOUT.... and IIINNNNNN.... and OOOUUUUTTT... over and over... steadily and slowly fingerfucking the horny pony cunt....

[20:28] <kerry> please Ma'am dont make me cum i wnt to cum but i cant
[20:29] * Lisa laughs... brushes Her fingers against your clitoris.... lightly circles that sensitive little nub...
[20:29] * kerry the fingers drive into me relentlessly .... filling my insides with such sweat feelings
[20:29] * kerry your finger touches then strokes my hard clit
[20:29] * Lisa tweaks that clitoris... nudges it... circles, strokes.... and plunges Her fingers IN and OUT of the pony cunt...
[20:29] * Lisa IN...
[20:29] * Lisa OUT...
[20:30] * Lisa IN...
[20:30] * Lisa OUT...
[20:30] * Lisa IN...
[20:30] * Lisa OUT...
[20:30] * Lisa laughs at the struggling, trembling pony
[20:31] * kerry trembles and bites my lips trying to ignore the fingers bringing me pleasure

[20:31] <Lisa> she certainly seems quite, quite hot and horny
[20:31] * Lisa jerks Her fingers from the ponys' cunt suddenly

[20:31] <Lisa> but, seems she made a promise... and it seems important to her to keep it
[20:31] * kerry sighs as the fingers are withdrawn
[20:32] * Lisa pulls that belt back up between the ponys' thighs... buckles it up tightly again... denying access to the ponys' cunt again

[20:32] <Lisa> well, there we go... all strapped up again...
[20:33] * kerry my hotter cunt covered
[20:33] * Lisa slides Her wet fingers into the ponys' mouth

[20:33] <Lisa> suck
[20:33] * kerry i suck your fingers

[20:33] <Lisa> that's it pony... taste your own slutty whore juices....
[20:33] * Lisa leans closer to the pony, to whisper

[20:34] <Lisa> I'd have made you cum like never before, pony... you'd have had the orgasm of a lifetime...
[20:34] <Lisa> but, since you promised not to....
[20:34] * Lisa shrugs

[20:35] <kerry> i promised Ma'am as much as i want too cum i promised
[20:35] <Lisa> Ah well.
[20:35] * Lisa pops the ponys' bit back into her mouth
[20:35] * Lisa clips the bit to the bridle again

[20:35] <Lisa> I'll think of you when I have a fuck next.
[20:36] * kerry chews the bit ny frustration made more by Lisa
[20:36] * Lisa smiles at the pony

[20:36] <Lisa> guess I better leave you in your stall, then...
[20:36] * kerry tries to smile around the bit

[20:36] <Lisa> ...all nice and hot and wet and horny...
[20:36] * kerry nods regretfully

[20:36] <Lisa> ...all bound up, so you can wait....
[20:37] <Lisa> ...for whatever ot whoever it is you're waiting for.
[20:39] * kerry rubs my legs together seeing if i can get any purchase on the belt
[20:39] * Lisa walks out of the ponys' stall... looks at the collection of whips and crops... for training and encouraging even the most stubborn and reluctant pony... selects a nice, whippy-looking crop... brings it back to the pony

[20:39] <Lisa> turn and face the wall, pony
[20:40] * kerry i turn and face the wall as i see the crop in your hand i ..

[20:40] <kerry> whiney
[20:40] <Lisa> I shouldn't leave you dwelling on your needy cunt... I must supply a distraction
[20:40] * Lisa rests the crop against the ponys' buttocks
[20:40] * kerry whimpers but presents my bottom

[20:41] <Lisa> A nice, red, hot ass should distract you from thinking of cumming
[20:41] * Lisa lifts the crop... and starts swiping at the ponys' butt... swiping hard and fast... THWACK! WHACK! WHACK!
[20:42] * kerry each swipe to my bottom my breath is expelled hard around the bit

[20:42] <Lisa> doesn't that make your ass jiggle nicely?
[20:42] * kerry nods

[20:42] <Lisa> Don't tense up, pony... it only stings worse if you do....
[20:42] * Lisa smirks and swipes, swipes, swipes again... WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!
[20:43] * kerry tries to stay relaxed as my bottom starts to burn
[20:43] * kerry as the sith stroke lands a loud

[20:43] * kerry my bottom seems on fire my face pressed to the stall wall
[20:44] * Lisa doesn't pause, hesitate, or show the least sign of mercy nor hesitation as She plies the crop across the ponys' ass.. WHACK! WHACK! THWACK!

[20:44] <kerry> whhhiiinnies .... with each stroke of the crop
[20:44] <Lisa> Mmm, the delightful whinny of a whipped pony
[20:45] * kerry my bottom jiggles and does not stop between each stroke
[20:45] * Lisa just keeps swatting at that ponys' asscheeks... WHACK! THWACK! THWACK!
[20:46] * kerry tears roll down my face the crop swings hard into my cheeks
[20:46] * Lisa walks out of the stall, ignoring the pony now, as She returns the implement to the rack of whips and crops... closing the stall door and locking it again, so the pony can stay, with just her hot wet cunt and even hotter ass for company
[20:46] * kerry my feet kick a little as i try to stay still

[20:46] <Lisa> I so adore pony tears :)
[20:46] * kerry cries around the bit
[20:47] * kerry turns and i try to cool my bottom against the stall wall
[20:47] * Lisa watches the pony, with only vague and idle curiousity...
[20:48] * kerry my feet raise as i rub
[20:48] * Lisa laughs, enjoying the sight of the pony... trying to cool herself...
[20:48] * kerry my bottom burns so much
[20:49] * Lisa sees the pony is now distracted from her hot, wet, aching cunt.... laughs
[20:49] * Dillon loks at the ponys lovely hot red ass

[20:50] <Lisa> Always good to see a rosey-cheeked pony :)
[20:50] * kerry rubs trying to cool wishing my hands where free so i could rub more

[20:50] <Dillon> yes it is
[20:51] <Lisa> Especially as she draws your cart, to the accompaniment of jingling bells.
[20:51] * kerry looks at Lisa with tear filled eyes
[20:51] * Lisa bursts into laughter

[20:52] <Lisa> Oh, look at that baleful teary pony face... why... I think *I* might cum!
[20:53] *** Lord^York has joined #girl_farm
[20:53] *** Argo sets mode: +v Lord^York

[20:53] <Lord^York> Hello A/all
[20:54] <Lisa> hiya Lord^York
[20:54] <Lord^York> Hello Lisa
[20:54] <Lisa> how's it going?
[20:55] *** Dillon has left #girl_farm

[20:55] <Lord^York> not too badly, just having a look around
[20:55] <Lisa> well, there's one whipped pony who won't cum here... not much else :)
[20:56] <Lord^York> I will stay around a while
[20:56] <Lisa> Brb... don't you love r/l?
[20:56] * kerry lifts my tear stained face .... has been told i cant cum
[20:56] * Lisa laughs

[20:56] <Lisa> I gave it the opportunity to.
[20:56] <Lord^York> who told you that kerry?
[20:57] <kerry> Miss Xena
[21:00] <Lord^York> will bbl
[21:00] *** Lord^York has left #girl_farm

[21:01] <Lisa> well, that scared him off... lol
[21:02] * kerry nods
[21:03] * Lisa laughs... so... because some Domme you barely know says you can't cum... you won't???
[21:04] * kerry i liked her a lot

[21:04] <Lisa> "liked"?
[21:04] * kerry im obsessed with her

[21:05] <Lisa> so soon?
[21:05] * kerry i only met her thusday ive been here three times today looking to see if she was here
[21:05] * kerry she seemed to know what i needed

[21:06] <Lisa> obviously not to cum, huh?
[21:07] * kerry to be used as she see's fit

[21:07] *** seekng_eden has joined #girl_farm

[21:07] <seekng_eden> permission to enter please?
[21:07] <Lisa> used as she sees fit? Except cumming?
[21:08] <Lisa> come in, seekng_eden.
[21:08] <seekng_eden> greetings and thank you Mistress Amber Ma'am
[21:08] * seekng_eden slinks in and settles to a quiet kneel in the corner
[21:08] * kerry her choice Ma'am
[21:09] * Lisa chuckles

[21:09] <Lisa> I see
[21:10] <Lisa> On the plus side, you're available for cropping and whipping.
[21:10] *** Dillon has joined #girl_farm
[21:10] *** Argo sets mode: +v Dillon

[21:10] <Lisa> That can be fun too.. LOL
[21:10] * kerry nods a yes
[21:10] * Lisa smiles at the pony, who seems a little bit of a painslut too?

[21:11] <seekng_eden> greetings Dillon Sir
[21:11] <Dillon> hello seeking_eden
[21:11] * kerry nods i am

[21:11] <Dillon> how are you
[21:12] * Lisa smiles

[21:12] <seekng_eden> girl is good thank you Sir and yourself?
[21:12] <Lisa> Oh.... interesting... a painslut...
[21:12] <Dillon> fine ty
[21:12] <seekng_eden> happy to hear that Sir
[21:12] <Lisa> and the limits of this ponys' pain...?
[21:13] * kerry cries and screams a lot but apart from that has a high pain threshold

[21:14] <Lisa> Very interesting... next time I have that bit out of your mouth, I shall make you cry and scream a-plenty.
[21:14] * kerry nods

[21:14] <Lisa> Assuming that's ok with Xena of course... LOL
[21:14] * kerry im not owned by her
[21:20] * Lisa smiles at the pony

[21:20] <Lisa> unowned but not going to cum? Amusing!
[21:20] * kerry a promise is a promise
[21:21] * kerry even if implied to me
[21:21] * Lisa laughs and nods

[21:21] <Lisa> Yes, it is
[21:21] * Lisa leans on the stall, grinning at the needy pony...

[21:22] <Lisa> So. Just when do you suppose you'll get your cum?
[21:22] * kerry looks at Lisa my head slightly tilted to one side
[21:22] * kerry does not know
[21:23] * Lisa bursts into laughter again

[21:23] <Lisa> It could be weeks, pony, couldn't it?
[21:23] * kerry or month's .....

[21:24] <Lisa> oh My... surely not?
[21:24] <Lisa> Would that even be possible?
[21:24] * kerry is willing to try

[21:26] <Lisa> You know, this is something I really feel the need to follow. It would eat Me forever, not knowing how this goes... lol
[21:26] * kerry it is eating me up already

[21:26] <Lisa> You know, I heard someone say once they only allowed their ponies an orgasm once a year.
[21:27] * kerry has heard that also
[21:27] * Lisa laughs.... surely that wasn't Xena... if so...
[21:27] * Lisa laughs and laughs
[21:28] * kerry lowers my head

[21:28] <Lisa> oh dear... what HAVE you let yourself in for???
[21:28] <Lisa> LOL
[21:29] * kerry knows what i have let myself into .... i think
[21:29] * Lisa suspects it was a good thing She didn't offer the pony Her description.... might have made the frustrated horniness worse...
[21:31] * kerry would like to see your description has been teased all day

[21:31] *** ProfDom has joined #girl_farm
[21:31] *** Argo sets mode: +v ProfDom

[21:31] * Lisa laughs... has had two boys beg Her collar upon seeing it... and it gets girls alll.... well, if you insist...

[21:31] <Lisa> Amber stands 5'9" tall, wearing a tight black lace half-corset that pulls Her waist in a little and pushes Her boobs up into prominence. A low cut black bra reveals tantalising glimpses of Her 34C cleavage. Her long black hair flows freely down Her back and covers Her shoulders; on top of Her head is a flat leather peaked hat, as favoured by Hells Angels and high-ranking Nazi officers in movies.
[21:31] <Lisa> Her azure eyes are full of amusement and Her smirking lips are coloured a bright and passionate red.
[21:31] <Lisa> Amber wears a leather jacket, that hangs down almost to Her thighs and when She turns or stretches this gives occasional flashes of Her bare butt, bare because She wears a skimpy and lacy black thong. Her long legs are encased in thigh high black stockings, and Her high heels give Her a few extra inches in height.
[21:31] <Lisa> Amber will accept UNCONDITIONAL submission and service, but only if *She* desires it.
[21:32] <Lisa> Good job your hands are tied, and your cunt is inaccessable, hmm, pony?
[21:32] * kerry takes a step back
[21:32] * kerry nods yes Ma'am

[21:33] <ProfDom> enough to make a Dom sub
[21:33] <Lisa> didn't mean to surprise you, pony... I did warn you...
[21:33] * Lisa grins at ProfDom

[21:33] <clara_40> greetings ProfDom Sir
[21:33] <Lisa> Yes... that's happened on occasion ;)
[21:33] * kerry drools a little
[21:33] * robertaPs watches Lisa take apart her prey
[21:33] * Lisa watches the pony drooling... not just from her mouth... lol
[21:34] * kerry rubs the belt with my thighs again

[21:34] <Lisa> now, now, pony... you're not allowed, remember
[21:34] <Lisa> and you'll only make the ache worse
[21:34] <Lisa> Think non-sexy thoughts ;)
[21:35] * kerry tries to think none sexy thoughts but my need is so great
[21:36] * Lisa thinks it's a good job She ain't got Her fingers rammed up the ponys' cunt anymore...
[21:37] * kerry leans my bound arms against the stall wall .... thinking as very attractive Lisa is i made a promise i will not break
[21:38] * Lisa smiles, that's a compliment... kind of...

[21:39] <Lisa> Well, it'll be some other fortunate slave that gets My attention... or, as was pointed out... possibly even a fortunate Dominant prepared to acknowledge My superiority.
[21:39] * kerry sadly nods
[21:40] * Lisa laughs, plans fucking a lot tonight...

[21:41] <Lisa> Well, I guess I should wander off again... it has been fun but alas, time to go...
[21:41] * kerry bye Ma'am :-(

[21:41] <Lisa> bye pony...
[21:41] <clara_40> bye Lisa
[21:41] * Lisa laughs, pleasant dreams...

[21:41] <kerry> neighs a good bye
Session Close: Sun Oct 10 21:41:52 2004

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