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Session Start: Sat Oct 09 09:35:01 2004
[12:10] ***Now talking in #girl_farm
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[10:14] *** kerry has joined #girl_farm

[10:14] <kerry> hello Xena
[10:14] <kerry> hi Gaias
[10:14] <Gaias> hi kerry
[10:14] * Xena pokes kerry... add "Ma'am" or "Sir" when addressing your superiors

[10:15] <kerry> sorry Ma'am
[10:15] <Gaias> speaking of pony girls, Mistress Xena
[10:15] <kerry> hello Xena Ma'am Gaias Sir
[10:15] <Xena> failure could result in sadistic beatings
[10:15] * Gaias taps riding crop against long male thigh, appraising kerry

[10:15] <Xena> This one was quite fun the other day.
[10:15] <Gaias> indeed
[10:16] * Xena looks kerry over with amusement

[10:30] <Xena> kerry... come to the centre of the barn, twirl, and describe your pony flesh for Our amusement.
[10:31] * kerry i walk into the centre of the room and i twirl slowly
[10:31] * Gaias taps riding crop against My naked thigh watching kerry move ...
[10:32] * kerry has a long auburn hair long legs a heart shaped bottom im slightly tanned all over

[10:32] <Xena> Mmm. A tanned pony.
[10:32] <Gaias> you don't wear a bathing suit kerry when you lay in the sun to tan?
[10:33] <kerry> not at the gym Ma'am
[10:33] * Xena hums softly, picking up various items She'll need... mostly they consist of leather straps
[10:34] * Xena comes behind the pony... pulls her hands behind her back and wraps a strap around her wrists, buckles it tightly and securely
[10:34] * kerry i feel my hands strapped tightly with leather i try to part them but they are held tight
[10:34] * Gaias breathes in the aroma of the leather as Mistress Xena secures kerry
[10:35] * Melisandre watches with a hint of a smile, enjoying watching Her work.
[10:35] * Xena pulls the bridle over kerrys' hair next... buckles it in place.... and quickly ties the ponys' long flowing mane into a ponytail (what else?)
[10:36] * Gaias smiles as kerry is transformed
[10:36] * kerry the bridle presses to the side of my head
[10:36] * Xena holds a bit before the ponys' face
open up, pony
[10:36] * kerry i open my mouth for the bit
[10:37] * Xena places the well-chewed bit into kerrys' mouth, and clips it to the bridle securely... it pulls her lips back in a bizarre kind of smile
[10:38] * Gaias wonders if Melisandre rides too ...
[10:38] * Xena next pulls a leather corset around the ponys' waist, and starts pulling it tight, before buckling it
[10:38] * Xena laughs
[10:38] * kerry the bit pulls at my lips my teeth grip it i can taste it
[10:39] * kerry i breath in as the corset is tightened
[10:39] * kerry the lacing pulls the corset in tighter
[10:39] * Melisandre chuckles slightly at Gaias' words, flashing him a brief, amused smile, though she does not wish to interrupt the work going on.
[10:39] * Xena buckles the corset good and tight... pulling in kerrys' waist... constricting her in a most amusing fashion... thus emphasizing the swell of her breasts, and the curves of her hips and ass
[10:40] * Gaias glances at Melisandre, watching the work going on ...

[10:40] <Gaias> kerry says she has a heart shaped bottom
[10:41] * kerry the corset digs in making my breathing shallower
[10:41] * Xena smiles at the pony.... the corset has numerous metal rings for attaching things to... carts, ploughs, whatever... one ring at the back is for attaching straps to... and there is where She clips the strap binding the ponys' wrists, lifting them away from her heart-shaped (and currently unmarked...) bottom
[10:41] * Gaias sees kerry's breasts and bottom accentuated with Mistress Xena's corset ...
[10:42] * Xena slides Her hand between kerrys' thighs... strokes that shaved pony cunt...
[10:42] * Melisandre looks to the pony's rear, smiling again slightly, a hand almost instinctively going to her own for a brief moment, watching Her work.

[10:42] <Xena> getting kind of wet already aren't you, pony?
[10:42] * kerry my bound wrists lifted up and fastened to the corset

[10:42] <Gaias> shaved?
[10:42] * Xena smirks... some ponies have unmarked bums ;)
[10:42] * kerry nods my head to bothe
[10:42] * Gaias wonders if Melisandre's hand would touch a shaved sex as She watches ....
[10:43] * Xena runs Her fingers back and forth lightly... stroking those shaved lips.... working them aside to press Her fingers in... teasing the pony...
[10:43] * kerry i raise to tip toes as your fingers stroke me and then i press down with a little moan
[10:45] * Xena smiles, takes away Her hand, looks at the moisture on Her finger tips... tuts... wipes Her fingers across the ponys' cheeks, smearing her face with her own wetness
[10:46] * kerry your fingers slide over my face leaving a trail of my juices ... i can smell my own arousal
[10:46] * Xena smiles at the pony... holds up a big black rubber dildo, shaped exactly like a real cock
[10:46] * Gaias looks and sniffs the air ...
[10:46] * Xena slides the big black cock between the ponys' thighs... starts to very slowly push it up...
[10:46] * kerry my eyes open wide as i see the size of the dildo
[10:47] * Xena chuckles as She pushes the dildo up, up, very slowly up into the ponys' cunt
[10:47] * kerry the rubber dildo slips into me ... parting me and sliding in my sex gripping it as it is pushed slowly

[10:48] <Xena> it's only 7", I'm sure a pony would love to have such a cock in her
[10:48] * kerry nods
[10:49] * Xena smiles at the nodding pony.... as the dildo slides all the way up into the ponys' cunt...
[10:49] * Xena pulls the dildo out next... pulling it all the way out.... very very slowly....

[10:49] <Gaias> oh, momma ...
[10:49] * Gaias exclaims seeing the wet shaved pony take it all in her
[10:49] * kerry the dildo going into me deeper the pulled out i tighten onto it trying to hold it into me
[10:50] * Xena smiles, drives the dildo IN again... very slowly once more....
[10:50] * Xena ...before jerking the dildo OUT again.... just as slowly....
[10:51] * kerry i try to move onto the dildo as it is teased in and out of my my knees bending and straightening
[10:51] * Xena chuckles as She continues to fuck the pony with the dildo.... very very slowly... maddeningly slowly.... fucking the ponys' cunt in slow motion...
[10:52] * kerry a bead of sweat trickles down my forehead as the maddening dildo teases me

[10:52] <kerry> mmmpppfff
[10:52] * Xena jerks the dildo completely from the ponys' cunt and steps back, smirking at the pony
[10:52] * kerry my eyes show my shock as the dildo is removed
[10:53] * Xena strolls behind the pony... places Her hand on the back of the ponys' head and pushes, indicating to her to bend forwards... at the same time nudging the ponys' feet apart
[10:53] * kerry as you push i bend forward my legs nudged apart
[10:54] * Xena slides the dildo, slick with the ponys' own juices, between her asscheeks... presses the head of the dildo to the ponys' anus...
[10:55] * kerry the dildo's head presses into my anus parting and stretching my muscles as my own juices ease its passage

[10:56] <Gaias> yes, fuck the pony's arse ...
[10:56] * Xena slowly starts to push the dildo in.... rotating it slightly as She pushes it in... literally screwing the dildo into the ponys' ass

[10:56] <kerry> mmmpppfffff
[10:56] <Gaias> screw it in
[10:57] * kerry dildo pushes its way into my tight bottom twisted as it goes
[10:57] * Xena pushes inch after inch of the hard black rubber cock into the ponys' rear... stretching her, filling her... until the base of the dildo is between those delightful ass cheeks...
[10:57] * Gaias looks at Melisandre and wonders what the pony's mouth should be doing ...
[10:57] * Xena grins, slaps the ponys' ass
you can stand straight now, pony
[10:57] <Gaias> as her delightful ass is literally screwed
[10:57] <kerry> ill try not to but i dont think ill be able to help it
[10:57] * kerry try to push the dildo out
[10:58] * Xena gives those heart-shaped cheeks a slap

[10:59] <Gaias> music to My ears
[10:59] * Gaias hears the slap

[10:59] <Xena> hold it in, pony... or you'll have a RED heart-shaped ass.
[10:59] * kerry i stand up my teeth firmly gripping the bit my squeezing the dildo in my bottom
[10:59] * Xena takes up a broad leather belt, buckles it around the ponys' waist... dangling from the belt is a second belt, narrower, dangling down in front...
[11:00] * kerry the belt brushes my sex
[11:00] * Xena smirks at the pony... takes up a rather smaller dildo, made of the same black rubber and just as realistically shaped... and simply stuffs it up into the ponys' cunt.
[11:01] * Gaias gazes at pony's red heart-shaped arse
[11:01] * kerry gulps as the small dildo is pushed into my sex i try to hold it in me
[11:01] * Xena takes the dangling strap... pulls it between the ponys' thighs... and up between her buttocks... buckles it to the belt in the back... cinching it tight so the dildo and buttplug are both pulled up into the ponys' cunt and ass holes
[11:02] * Gaias gives Xena a sadistic smile as She impales kerry moist cunt with the black dildo ...

[11:02] <Xena> No tail yet pony.... as I said... a tail gets EARNT
[11:02] <Gaias> like an orgasm
[11:02] * Melisandre smiles slightly.
[11:02] * kerry the belt is pulled tight and i grimace as the dildo's are pushed tighter into me
[11:03] * Xena looks at the pony
[11:04] * Xena shows the pony a pair of nipple clamps... spring loaded with wide jaws... pries them open... lets them spring shut with a snap!
[11:04] * kerry chewing on the bit
[11:04] * kerry my eyes open wider at the sight of the clamps
[11:06] * Xena pries open the clamps once again... moves closer to the pony and slides the metal jaws over the points of the ponys' breasts.... lets go.... there's no snap because of course the ponys' nipples are in the way.... nipples that are suddenly cruelly crushed flat.

[11:06] <kerry> mmmmppffffffff
[11:06] <kerry> eeeeeeee
[11:06] * kerry the clamps squeeze tightly and crush my nipples
[11:07] * Xena takes up a pair of silver bells, with hooks... threads one hook through one nipple clamp.... and lets it go, so it falls and yanks on the clamped nipple... then the other bell... threading it onto the other clamp... letting it drop so it too yanks on the clamped nipple
[11:07] * Gaias adores the way Miss Xena makes kerry ache ...
[11:08] * Xena steps back, looks at the pony....

[11:08] <Melisandre> Your handiwork is, as always, perfection, Mistress.
[11:08] <Gaias> indeed
[11:09] * kerry even with my nipples aching i have to shake to hear the bells tinkle
[11:09] * Xena grins

[11:09] <Xena> One thing missing yet.
[11:09] * Gaias listens to the tinkle of the bells as kerry shakes under Xena domination
[11:10] * Xena fetches the pony a pair of thigh high leather boots... with high heels... the only unusual feature being the big, heavy horseshoe in the sole
[11:10] * kerry i stand there looking at the boots in your hands

[11:11] <Xena> lift your left foot, pony
[11:11] * kerry i lift my left foot for you

[11:11] <Melisandre> Oh? There's a heel on those? Interesting..
[11:11] * Gaias wonders if the pony will be able to life her knees satisfactorily as she is put through her paces with that heavy horseshoe ...
[11:11] * Xena pulls one boot up onto the ponys' leg.... zips it up....

[11:12] <Xena> there is, it means the pony will leave a proper trail of hoof prints
[11:12] <Xena> other foot, pony
[11:12] * Melisandre nods.

[11:12] <Xena> of course... it makes for heavy footwear.... and the fact the high heels force the pony to be on her toes mightn't help either...
[11:12] * kerry the boot is zipped up and i place it on the ground and i balance on it shaking slightly as i raise my other foot

[11:12] <Melisandre> I have seen some that are arched like a tall heel, without the 'heel'.. but with the weight on the front, and the front being a horseshoe.
[11:13] * Xena grins, but, no pain, no gain ;)

[11:13] <Melisandre> It seems it would be a good training device for strengthing a pony's legs, Mistress.
[11:13] * Xena pulls the other boot on, zipst that up as well.

[11:13] <Xena> Mmmm.
[11:13] * Gaias thinks of the musculature of kerry's legs on her 5' 8" frame as she is trained in the heavy horseshoes ...

[11:14] <Xena> True... and this pony has quite delightful legs... smirks at Melisandre but don't all ponies have fine legs?
[11:14] * kerry the boots make me seem a lot taller as i stand in them
[11:14] * Melisandre grins, extending a leg.. well-muscled and long.
It's pretty much required, Mistress!
[11:14] <Xena> trot on the spot pony... warm yourself up a little... get yourself used to wearing them
[11:15] * Xena grins at Melisandre.... Oh... certain things are indeed *required* of ponies... ;)
[11:15] * kerry i raise my left leg slowly and test how it feels as i try the new boots
[11:15] * kerry i lower it and try a standing trot
[11:15] * Melisandre chuckles.

[11:15] <Melisandre> And what are the others?
[11:15] * Xena wheels out the cart... pushing it behind the pony...
[11:16] * kerry i waver a bit as i try to keep my balance my bound arms twitch at my back and the bells tinkle

[11:16] <Xena> Oh, you know... obedience, submissiveness.... a desire to forgo orgasms and please the Trainer instead ;)
[11:17] <Melisandre> Ahhhh.. those little things.
[11:17] * kerry nods as i trot on the spot my legs coming up to my thighs
[11:17] * Xena pushes the cart up closer, so the shafts are on either side of the pony... clips the D rings on the ponys' corset to the chains on the shafts, so she is hitched to the cart
[11:17] * kerry i stand between the shafts as the cart is hitched to me
[11:18] * Xena takes a moment to admire the way the dildo in the ponys' ass parts the ponys' buttocks slightly, emphasizing the wobble of those globes of flesh
[11:19] * Xena smiles at the pony... then fetches a set of reins, and Her riding crop... the long, black leather, whippy crop....
[11:20] * Xena clips the reins to the ponys' nipple clamps, and then steps into the cart, and looks to the pony kerry

[11:20] <Xena> Time for a nice little ride I think
[11:21] * kerry stands between the shafts as the reins are attached to the nipple clamps there weight pulling my nipples more
[11:21] * Xena grins at the pony... waiting for her to indicate her readiness
[11:22] * kerry i lean forward between the shafts
[11:22] *** MsSharon has joined #girl_farm
[11:22] *** Argo sets mode: +v MsSharon

[11:22] * kerry bottom offered to show my readiness
[11:23] * Xena smiles as the pony presents her ass... then She lifts the crop and SWIPES it across those delightful ass cheeks... THWACK!
Gee up, pony!
[11:23] <kerry> mmmppfff
[11:23] * kerry the whip lands on my cheeks and i pull the cart to make it move
[11:24] * kerry my bottom smarts as i raise straight
[11:24] * Xena chuckles as the pony starts to move.... drawing the cart...
[11:24] * kerry my knees start to come higher as the cart rolls forward
[11:24] * Xena swats the pony ass again... Whack!
Trot, pony! Wag that ass!
[11:24] <kerry> ooommppfff
[11:24] <Xena> If you had a tail, it should be swishing from side to side!
[11:25] * kerry my knees now coming up to my thighs i keep my calfs straight as i raise my knees
[11:25] * kerry the dildo's rub me the bells tinkle
[11:25] *** MsSharon has left #girl_farm

[11:26] * kerry i sway my bottom as i trot
[11:26] * Xena chuckles as swats at the ponys' ass once more... WHACK!
Bells, pony... I want to hear soft tinkling music as I ride!
[11:27] * kerry i shake my breasts as the whip scores across my bottom again the belss tinkle as i move
[11:27] * kerry i chew on the bit as my bottom becomes more painful
[11:27] * Xena chuckles and tugs on the reins, yanking the left nipple clamp... indicating to the pony to turn.... steering the cart out of the barn
[11:28] * kerry the pain in my left nipple causes me to turn left out of the barn
[11:28] * kerry i keep trotting into the daylight
[11:29] * kerry accompanied by the tinkling of the beels

[11:29] <kerry> bells
[11:29] * Xena chuckles...
awh, is the pony ass stinging....? SWIPES the crop across the ponys butt once more... THWACK! Keep taking prancing steps, pony... thighs parallel to the ground... calves vertical...
[11:30] * kerry the whip bites again and i make sure my knees are parellel and my calves vertical
[11:31] * kerry each step i take only my toes seem to make contact with the ground
[11:31] * Xena chuckles... tugs ther reins this way... that way... pulling first on one nipple, then the other... steering the pony left... right... around various obstacles and following the dirt trail, trodden by so many ponies before
[11:31] * kerry the horse shoe seems to be getting heavier
[11:31] * Xena raises the crop up high...
[11:32] *** Aitrus has joined #girl_farm
[11:32] *** Argo sets mode: +v Aitrus

[11:32] <Xena> THWACK! Gee up pony! Canter!
[11:32] * kerry i have to follow the painful tug on each nipple .... each tug makes me chew the bit tighter

[11:32] <kerry> whinnies
[11:33] * kerry as the the whip lands i start to canter pulling the cart faster
[11:33] * kerry the bells bounce on my breasts
[11:33] * Xena grins at the pony.... her ass wobbling faster now... the bells sounding with a quicker tempo
[11:33] * kerry a sheen of perspiration covers my body
[11:34] * Xena chuckles, rather doubts that's the only source of moisture from the pony
[11:34] * kerry my knees coming high as i canter along the trail leaving horseshoe prints in the dirt
[11:34] * Xena SWIPES the crop across the ponys' ass again... THWACK!
Gee up pony! GALLOP!
[11:34] * Gaias thinks pony's shaved cunt is also moist from this work out
[11:34] * kerry the two dildo's rub harder the bells tinkle louder

[11:35] <kerry> mmmpppffffff
[11:35] * kerry i quiken my pace to a gallop a flat out run
[11:35] * Xena chuckles, knows the dildoes in the ponys' cunt and ass holes are rolling and rocking, and the cuntstrap is chaffing those tender labia... stoking the ponys' arousal

[11:35] <Xena> faster, pony!
[11:35] * kerry i pull the cart as fast as i can my hair streams behind me
[11:36] * Xena swipes and swipes at the ponys' ass with Her crop... urging the pony to ever greater efforts... THWACK! WHACK!
Faster pony! Faster!!!
[11:36] * kerry i find more speed as the whip pushes me faster
[11:36] * kerry the dildo's are so tantalising as they rub me
[11:37] * Xena grins, as Her own raven black hair flies behind like a comets' tail... enjoying the breeze on Her face... the scenery rushing by....
[11:37] * Xena ...Oh, and of course the sight of the pony straining before Her.
[11:37] * kerry my breasts bounce making the bells tinkle
[11:38] * Xena yanks on the ponys' right nipple clamp, steering her at a full gallop back to the farm...
[11:38] * kerry perspiring hard as i pull Xena's cart

[11:38] <kerry> whinnies
[11:38] * kerry i head to the farm at a gallop
[11:39] * kerry so excited by the dildo's inside me as i gallop
[11:39] * Gaias thinks the buttocks of the pony straining to pull the cart must be quite a sight ...
[11:39] * Xena suddenly HAULS back on the reins, nearly pulling the nipple clamps right off both breasts...
WHOA pony!
[11:39] *** Aitrus has left #girl_farm

[11:39] * kerry pulls to a sudden halt as my nipples are painfully pullled

[11:40] <kerry> mpppffff
[11:40] * Xena steps out of the cart
[11:40] * kerry i stand shaking between the shafts
[11:41] * Xena unhitches the cart... pushes it aside...
[11:41] * kerry i tremble as the cart is unhitched
[11:41] * Xena unclips the reins from the ponys' nipple clamps
[11:41] * Xena smiles at the trembling pony...
all horny are you, pony?
[11:41] * kerry the reins are taken off of my sore nipples
[11:42] * kerry nods

[11:42] <Xena> too bad.
[11:42] * kerry lowers my head a little at your words

[11:42] <Xena> That's the way you'll stay... I want your energies devoted firstly to your training, and then to winning races
[11:42] <Melisandre> It's not so hard after a few months, pony.
[11:42] <Xena> I can't have you wasting your energy on orgasms
[11:42] * kerry nods

[11:43] <Melisandre> You kind of get used to that.. itch.. down there.
[11:43] <Xena> certainly not if they're yours
[11:43] * Gaias listens
[11:43] * Xena chuckles, just an itch?
[11:43] * Gaias mutters

[11:43] <Gaias> women
[11:43] * Melisandre laughs.

[11:43] <Gaias> an itch?
[11:43] <Melisandre> Well, You know I have a fabulous skill for understatement, Mistress.
[11:43] * Xena grips the ponys' bridle, leads her to her stall
[11:43] * Xena laughs

[11:44] <Xena> Yes, I know of your skills and abilities!
[11:44] * kerry follows you to the stable ... with more than an itch
[11:44] * Xena pauses at the stall door to unclip the ponys' nipple clamps suddenly
[11:44] * Melisandre grins.
[11:44] * Xena pushes the pony into the stall

[11:44] <kerry> WHHIINNIES
[11:45] * kerry the blood rushes back into my nipples
[11:45] * kerry then im pushed back into my stall
[11:45] * Xena smirks, the only sign She gives that She is aware of the pain She caused the pony, as She bolts the stall door

[11:45] <Xena> Always good to start the day with a little ride around the farm :)
[11:45] * Melisandre smiles.
[11:45] * kerry i turn to stare at the bolted stable door
[11:45] * Gaias smiles

[11:46] <Melisandre> And You are beautiful as always, Mistress. I trust it was invigorating
[11:46] *** MamieDove has joined #girl_farm
[11:46] *** Argo sets mode: +v MamieDove

[11:46] * Xena strolls away, stretching... possibly to search for some playmate to satisfy any "itches" She may have... or to do other things... whatever... but it'll be all the sweeter knowing the pony is hot and horny in her stall.
[11:47] * kerry a tear of frustration rolls down my face as i cool in the stall

[11:59] *** Xena is now known as Xena-away

[12:00] <kerry> whinnies a goodbye
[12:00] <Gaias> bye, pet
[12:00] *** kerry has quit IRC (QUIT: dIRC IRC Client -

[12:02] <Gaias> well done, Xena-away
[12:03] * Gaias smiles admiring that Xena can bring a ponygirl to the edge of orgasm, then leave her to warm up Her tea ...
[12:14] * Xena-away snickers... who cares if a pony cums or not?

[12:14] <Gaias> I do
[12:15] <Gaias> this world does not suffer from too many female orgasms
[12:15] <Gaias> but too few
[12:15] * Xena-away chuckles... I don't... except in so far as they *don't* cum
[12:15] * Xena-away has nothing against Female orgasms... but not pony orgasms.

[12:17] <Xena-away> Dominant pleasures comes first. Submissive pleasure comes IF it comes... last ;)
[12:19] <Xena-away> when I let a girl cum.... their heads positively explode... and they're SO grateful after ;)
[12:25] *** Xena-away is now known as Xena
[13:21] *** kerry has joined #girl_farm

[13:21] <Gaias> welcome back, kerry
[13:21] <Xena> Hmm. The pony returns :)
[13:21] <kerry> hello again Ma'am Sir
[13:22] * Xena stretches slowly and lazily

[13:22] <Gaias> she had a good workout, Mistress Xena
[13:22] * kerry lays in the locked stall

[13:22] <Gaias> and is back for more
[13:22] * Gaias thinks the poor lil pony needs to cum for real ...

[13:22] <Xena> they always come a-crawling back
[13:22] <Gaias> but that's just Moi
[13:23] <Xena> Usually hoping to cum.
[13:23] * Xena laughs
[13:23] * Gaias needs to learn to deny that

[13:23] <Gaias> ha, ha ...
[13:24] * Gaias winks at Xena whom they cum back for .... ;-)

[13:24] <Xena> It's the only cumming she'll be doing today. Back here hahaha
[13:25] * kerry listens frustrated
[13:25] * Gaias gives kerry a sadistic smile tapping riding crop against My boot

[13:26] <Gaias> well, she cums back for You, Ma`am
[13:26] <Gaias> not for I
[13:26] <Gaias> who am so generous with those O's
[13:26] * Gaias snickers
[13:28] * Xena looks in at the pony
[13:28] * Xena rests Her arms on the stall, looking in and smirking at her
[13:28] * kerry i raise my head and look at you my mouth pulled back by the bit
[13:28] * kerry ties to smile
[13:29] * Xena smirks, tries to smile more humanly? considering the bit is still pulling your lips back
[13:29] *** impala` has joined #girl_farm

[13:29] <impala`> hello
[13:29] <Xena> Well... guess I ought to see to basic pony care.
[13:30] <Gaias> hello impala
[13:30] * Xena opens the stall door... looks in at the pony

[13:30] <Xena> still all horny, pony?
[13:30] * Gaias thinks she is ...
[13:30] * kerry nods my head
[13:31] * impala` watches with interest

[13:31] <Xena> but of COURSE you are... with that dildo stuffed up your cunt, and the leather strap pulling up between your cunt lips... lol...
[13:31] * kerry has been trying not to rub as they tease too much
[13:32] * Xena grips the ponys' bridle and half-leads, half-drags her out of the stall
[13:32] * kerry stumbles to my feet and pulled out of the stall straw falling from my body
[13:34] * Xena ... finally, with the pony standing out in the open, She leaves her standing there... so everyone can see her... tightly bound... her buxom breasts on show... her ass and cunt obviouslly stuffed and plugged by big black rubber dildoes... and She leans against a wall and smirks at the horny pony, watching to see what she'll do next
[13:34] * kerry looks around
[13:34] * kerry tries to walk so the dildo's rub

[13:34] <Xena> see... she's not that horny
[13:34] <Xena> barely even rubbing her thighs together
[13:34] * Gaias giggles
[13:34] * kerry high steps so they press deeper into me
[13:34] * Gaias thinks she is

[13:35] <Xena> she can wait a LOT longer before I even consider her cumming.
[13:35] <Gaias> oh, momma ...
[13:35] * Gaias thinks even impala` is horny

[13:35] <Xena> anyway.... I expect the pony must be thirsty after her workout this morning
[13:35] * kerry listens as i try to get purchase on the little dildo inside my sex

[13:35] <Gaias> as she is one wild animal
[13:36] * impala` curls up on a straw bale, watching
[13:36] * kerry nods

[13:36] <Gaias> say it, impala`
[13:36] * Xena smiles at the pony... fetches some stuff... most noticeable being the funnel, bent into an L shape, and a big plastic can with a handwritten label on one side
[13:37] * kerry watches as you come towards me your hands full
[13:37] * kerry backs up a little as i see the funnel
[13:38] * Xena quickly unbuckles the ponys' leather bit... pulls it out of her mouth, and, before she can close her mouth again, She stuffs another bit in... this one is a short black rubber dildo... and She clips it to the bridle securely

[13:38] *** WhoreBoss has joined #girl_farm
[13:38] *** Argo sets mode: +v WhoreBoss

[13:38] <Xena> Now, pony
[13:38] <WhoreBoss> Greetings
[13:38] * kerry tries to talk around the new bit that fills my mouth
[13:38] * Xena puts Her hand out around the ponys' waist... strokes her, as one might soothe an anxious animal

[13:39] <Xena> ssssh.... just a black cock for you to suck on...
[13:39] * kerry nods as im calmed by tour hand

[13:39] <Gaias> a black cock
[13:39] * impala` watches
[13:39] * kerry sucks the cock tasting the rubber

[13:39] <impala`> hello, WhoreBoss
[13:39] * Xena smiles at the pony and slides a catch at the base of the dildo... the end pops open, revealing that the dildo is, in fact, hollow.

[13:39] <WhoreBoss> hello impala`
[13:40] * Xena pushes the end of the funnel into the cock-gag... so She can pour whatever it is the pony gets to drink... and it'll be directed into her mouth...
[13:40] * Xena picks up the plastic can.. gives it a shake, and the liquid within sloshes about
[13:40] * kerry the funnel pushes into the gag and is held there

[13:41] <Xena> well, watering time for the pony :)
[13:41] * kerry feels stirings of panic inside my ... my brown eyes look to Xena wide open
[13:41] * Xena lifts the container up, and pours the contents within into the funnel, filling it up.... as She lowers the can, the pony can see the label...
"Pony Sperm"
[13:42] <Xena> Don't worry... I'm sure it's been washed out.
[13:42] * Xena laughs, as the level of water in the funnel goes down slowly
[13:44] * kerry the water has a slightly funny taste as it runs down my throat quenching my first
[13:45] * Xena smiles at kerry

[13:45] <Xena> well, pony, enjoying your drinkie?
[13:46] * kerry swallows all the liquid my first lestened
[13:46] * kerry nods thinking of the funny taste
[13:47] * Xena slides Her hand between the ponys' thighs... traces the leather strap between those cunt lips.... nudges the base of the dildo, making it rock slightly inside that pony cunt

[13:47] *** Silkthorn has joined #girl_farm
[13:47] *** Argo sets mode: +v Silkthorn

[13:47] <Silkthorn> eh-yup, Xena
[13:47] <Xena> like I say... I'm sure it was washed out... naughty of the farm hands if it wasn't
[13:47] <Xena> Silkthorn, hiya :)
[13:47] * kerry whinnies over the penis gag as the dildo moves

[13:47] <Silkthorn> hi Gaias
[13:47] <Gaias> `allo Silkthorn
[13:48] * Xena chuckles, takes Her hand from the ponys' thighs

[13:48] <Xena> Nope, no cumming
[13:48] * kerry nods my head

[13:48] <Gaias> no cumming?
[13:48] * Gaias marvles
[13:48] * Xena takes the funnel from the cock gag, and closes the base... puts away the funnel and the container
[13:48] * Gaias takes notes
[13:49] * Xena smirks at the pony
[13:49] * kerry wants to rub my thighs together

[13:49] <Xena> perhaps the pony wants a little attention paid to its' cunt?
[13:49] * kerry the urge is driving me crazy
[13:49] * Xena laughs
[13:50] * Silkthorn smiles
[13:50] * Xena just watches the pony, Her eyes twinkling with amusement... shall I... shan't I attend to her cunt?
[13:51] * kerry shivers slightly as i clench my thighs a little
[13:51] * Silkthorn hands Xena a coin

[13:51] <Xena> I don't think the pony wants Me to, really
[13:51] <Xena> Guess it's another little stroll around the farm while I stripe her ass to urge her along.
[13:52] * kerry stands with changing emotions going through my mind
[13:52] * Gaias thinks Mistress Xena has that denial thingy down pat ...

[13:52] <Xena> then again... she *is* new to her life as a pony...
[13:52] *** joanna has joined #girl_farm
[13:53] *** SirV99 has joined #girl_farm
[13:53] *** Argo sets mode: +v SirV99

[13:53] <impala`> hello Sir
[13:53] <Gaias> `allo SirV99 and joanna
[13:53] <SirV99> Hello impala, A/all
[13:53] <joanna> hello Sir :)
[13:53] <impala`> hello sis
[13:53] <Xena> Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to attend to her cunt, a little bit, at least...
[13:53] <Silkthorn> yeah, to show us how its done
[13:54] * Xena hums softly... fetches a spreader bar

[13:54] <Xena> spread your legs, pony, nice and wide
[13:54] *** Silvia has joined #girl_farm
[13:54] *** Argo sets mode: +v Silvia

[13:54] * Xena grins at Silkthorn... np ;)
[13:55] * kerry i part my legs till they are painful in the the boots my toes pressing hard into the ground
[13:55] * Xena straps one ankle to one end of the spreader bar... and the other ankle to the other end... so the pony has her legs kept nicely spread....
[13:55] *** SirV99 has left #girl_farm

[13:56] * Xena quickly unbuckles the cuntstrap from the ponys' sex-harness... and quickly jerks out the ponys' little dildo from her cunt...
[13:56] * Silkthorn joins Gaias in taking notes ;)
[13:56] * kerry sighs as the dildo is removed from my pussy
[13:57] * Xena grins at the pony... lets her stand there... her bald, and OPEN cunt on display to any who care to look....
[13:57] * kerry realises im on display but im so pent up i dont care

[13:57] <Xena> Well, time to attend to that pony cunt...
[13:58] * Xena smiles, looks over Her collection of whips and riding crops.... takes up a small leather flogger, and twirls it around, making the numerous little tails whistle
[13:59] * kerry i hear the flogger whistle through the air

[13:59] <Xena> Should make the pony less horny... not necessarily less hotter... ha ha ha
[13:59] * Xena swipes the flogger upwards between the ponys' thighs, swiping at the ponys' bald cunt lips with the leather strands.... whap!
[13:59] * kerry swallows hard as i think my orgasm is still going to be denied
[14:00] * kerry my head raises a little and i groan around the dildo in my mouth
[14:00] * Xena laughs, but of course!
[14:00] * kerry the floggers thongs strike and spread out
[14:01] * Xena twirls the flogger around and around... swiping and swiping at the ponys' cunt again and again... the little leather tails landing with a whap! whap! whap!
[14:01] * joanna winces, watching
[14:01] * kerry each stroke of the flogger makes me whimper as the pain in my pussy builds
[14:02] * Xena smirks... swipes and swipes at the ponys' cunt twice more.... whap! whap!

[14:02] <Xena> well, pony... want any more attention paid to your cunt?
[14:02] * kerry my whimpers start to turn to whinnies as the pain gets worse
[14:02] * kerry i shake my head

[14:02] <Xena> ha ha ha do you really think you have a choice in the matter?
[14:03] * kerry my pussy seems on fire the thongs have sort out all my places and struck them
[14:03] * kerry i shake my head again
[14:04] * Xena steps up real, real close to the pony, and simply RAMS two fingers straight up into that hot wet pony cunt... Her eyes boring into kerrys... looking deeply into her soul even as She deeply probes her vagina...
[14:04] * Xena fingers slide in, as far in as She can drive them into the ponys' hot cunt... then She slides them out.... and back IN....
[14:04] * kerry my eyes open wide and i look at you as your fingers delve into my hot pain ridden pussy
[14:05] * kerry moans around the dildo my mind in confussion
[14:05] * Xena ...draws Her fingers out, just long enough to circle kerrys' clitoris... then plunges them back in to her cunt once more....
[14:05] * joanna shivers and creeps over to Gaias, her breasts dangling down, hair trailing down her bare arms as she crawls to Him
[14:05] * kerry electric shocks sparkle from my cunt to my brain
[14:06] * Xena ...then yanking Her fingers from the ponys' cunt and wiping them dry across her face, smearing her own face with her own cunt juices
[14:06] * kerry feels desperate and humiliated at the same time
[14:06] * Xena steps back away from the pony

[14:06] <Xena> Still taking notes?
[14:07] <Silkthorn> one ahnded
[14:07] * Gaias is still taking notes on this denial thing

[14:07] <Xena> A week or two of this... and I assure you, the results are quite dramatic
[14:07] <Silkthorn> dramatic, how?
[14:07] * kerry a tear of frustration rolls down my face
[14:08] * Xena smirks, you'll see next weekend, won't you... you can wait.... after all... kerry will ;)
[14:08] * kerry nods desperate but willing to wait
[14:08] * Gaias thinks next weekend is an eternity

[14:08] <Gaias> in penis time
[14:08] * kerry it is here also
[14:08] * Xena takes up some clamps next... the springloaded variety, that can snap shut and squeeze sensitized buds of flesh with mortifying pressure....

[14:09] <Xena> only seven days.... pah... I've kept ponies waiting a LOT longer.
[14:10] * Xena pries open one clamp... slides it over the ponys' left nipple... lets it snap shut, crushing that bud of flesh nearly flat

[14:10] <kerry> whinniesss
[14:10] * Xena pries open the second clamp... slides it over the ponys' right nipple... lets it snap shut, crushing that little bud of flesh nearly flat...
[14:11] * kerry the clamp squeezes my nipple tightly and it starts to throb
[14:11] * Xena smiles and shows the pony the third clamp She has
[14:11] * kerry both nipples hard and tightly clamped
[14:11] * Xena pries open the wicked little clamp
[14:11] * kerry shakes my head knowing i cant stop you
[14:11] * Xena grins, nods Her head... and no, you can't....

[14:11] <Xena> ha ha ha!
[14:12] * kerry i try to move my legs shut but the spreader stops me
[14:12] * Xena moves the clamp down... lower....
[14:12] * Xena ...between the ponys' thighs...

[14:12] <kerry> whinneesss
[14:12] * kerry the gag muffling me
[14:12] * Xena ...over the ponys' swollen and sensitive clitoris... then lets go....
[14:12] *** clara_40 has joined #girl_farm

[14:12] * Xena chuckles

[14:12] <kerry> WHINNNIIIEES
[14:12] <clara_40> hi A/all
[14:13] <Silvia> hi clara
[14:13] * kerry the clamp grips my clit painfully tight

[14:13] <clara_40> hi Silvia Ma'am
[14:13] <impala`> hi Clara
[14:13] * Xena chuckles

[14:13] <Gaias> welcome back, clara
[14:14] * kerry more tears roll from my eyes as the pain sinks deeper

[14:14] <Xena> kinda looks pretty, don't you think?
[14:14] <Xena> three delightful little clamps
[14:15] * joanna crouches by Gaias' feet
[14:15] * Xena reaches forwards and flicks that clamp dangling from the ponys' clitoris, sending it swinging
[14:15] * joanna makes a soft wuff of recognition seeing clara.
[14:16] *** Silvia has left #girl_farm

[14:16] * kerry shakes my head as the clamp swings the pain getting worse
[14:16] * Xena grins
[14:16] * kerry it pulls stabs of pain building

[14:16] <Xena> ok pony... let's see you trot now
[14:17] * kerry cant trot my legs in a spreader ... a look of disappointment on my face as i cant obey

[14:18] <Xena> you can take little steps, pony
[14:18] <Xena> of course... that means the clamp will swing about wildly between your legs...
[14:18] * kerry arches to one side and lifts my left foot it goes forward a few inches

[14:18] <Xena> but, it will look prettier still :)
[14:19] * Xena looks around... takes up Her crop...
[14:19] * kerry the clamp swings painfully as my foot lands

[14:19] <kerry> mmpppfff
[14:19] <Xena> And, if you need more encouragement?
[14:19] * Xena SWIPES the crop across kerrys' ass... WHACK!
[14:19] * kerry i swing the opposite way and my right leg moves forward

[14:19] <Xena> c'mon pony.... move it!
[14:19] *** `SirQ has joined #girl_farm
[14:19] *** Argo sets mode: +v `SirQ

[14:19] <kerry> mmmppppfffff
[14:20] <`SirQ> hello A/all
[14:20] * Xena laughs, watching the pony trying to move, the little clamp jiggling between her legs
[14:20] * kerry the crop strikes my bottom making the clamp move more

[14:20] <Xena> that's it pony... trot as best you can....
[14:20] * kerry a strange waddle as i move my spread legs
[14:21] * `SirQ sits down and watches the going ons
[14:21] * Xena laughs, enjoying the ponys' waddling.... pain... and her deep humiliation...
[14:21] * kerry i keep moving forward a few inches at time my clit being pulled this way and that by the clamp
[14:21] *** StrikterH has joined #girl_farm
[14:21] *** Argo sets mode: +v StrikterH

[14:21] <Gaias> cunt moist in tight jeans
[14:21] * Xena smirks at the pony

[14:21] <Xena> whoa, pony
[14:22] *** Lord^York has joined #girl_farm
[14:22] *** Argo sets mode: +v Lord^York

[14:22] <`SirQ> hi Lord^York
[14:22] <Lord^York> Hello A/all
[14:22] <Lord^York> Hello `SirQ
[14:22] * kerry stops the swing of the clamp slowing
[14:22] * impala` watches, wide-eyed

[14:22] <impala`> hello Sirs
[14:22] <Lord^York> hi impala`
[14:22] * Xena chuckles... slides the crop between the ponys' thighs...
[14:23] * Xena presses the crop up against that shaved pony cunt....
[14:23] * kerry trembles as the crop glides between my thighs and touches my sore pussy
[14:23] * Xena slides the crop back and forth... rubbing the ponys' slit... nudging the clamped clitoris....

[14:23] <kerry> mmmpfff mmmmmmmm
[14:24] * kerry the crop bring pleasure as it rubs and pain as well as it nudges the clamp

[14:24] <Xena> want some more attention to your cunt, pony?
[14:24] * Xena slides the crop back and forth.... back and forth... pressing it up tightly against her cunt lips....
[14:24] * kerry thinks what ever my answer it will be wrong
[14:25] * Xena sniggers... the pony is learning.... lol
[14:25] * kerry cant help nodding my head as you rub the crop

[14:25] <Xena> you do?
[14:25] * Xena laughs... lowers the crop....

[14:25] <Xena> quite sure?
[14:25] * Silkthorn laughs
[14:25] * kerry shakes my head
[14:25] *** NyteVamp has joined #girl_farm

[14:25] <Xena> No?
[14:25] *** Argo sets mode: +v NyteVamp

[14:25] <Xena> Definitely not, pony?
[14:26] <NyteVamp> good morning to you all
[14:26] * Xena smiles at the pony... waiting...
[14:27] * kerry cringes and nods

[14:27] <Xena> That's "yes, definitely not more attention to my cunt" is it, pony? Whinny if it is
[14:28] <kerry> whinnies

[14:28] <Xena> ok pony...
[14:28] <Xena> I'm not sure what you thought I was going to do...
[14:28] <Xena> ...but if you don't want Me rubbing your cunt anymore... I won't :)
[14:28] * kerry thought you where going to crop my cunt
[14:28] * Xena laughs

[14:29] <Xena> what, you thought I'd crop your cunt? Could I ?really? be so cruel?
[14:29] * kerry a little sob escapes my lips
[14:29] * Xena stifles a giggle
[14:29] * Xena unclips the clamp from the ponys' clitoris... knowing that the sudden sensation is almost worse than when she was clamped....
[14:30] * kerry the blood rushes into my clit and i bend my knees as the pain builds for a moment
[14:30] * Xena smirks at the pony, amused by her obvious pain
[14:31] *** Nightmstr has joined #girl_farm
[14:31] *** Argo sets mode: +v Nightmstr

[14:31] <impala`> hello Sir
[14:31] <Nightmstr> hello impala
[14:31] * Xena takes the ponys' bridle.. and leads her to the breeding frame... which is really nothing more than a metal T bar, waist high, that is set in one corner of the barn
[14:32] * Xena doesn't make any allowance for the spreader bar as She half drags the waddling pony after Her
[14:32] * kerry i see the breeding frame
[14:32] * kerry stood before it trembling
[14:32] * `SirQ watches as he sips his coffee
[14:33] * Xena pushes the pony over the frame... and uses a short chain to clip the ponys' bridle to a ring in the ground... so she is pulled and bent over the frame... her legs kept spread wide
[14:33] *** Silkthorn has left #girl_farm

[14:34] <Xena> Normally this is where the stallions service the mares, pony... for when it's necessary to breed
[14:34] * kerry the metal digs into my stomach as im held over the frame
[14:34] * kerry my cunt visable to the whole room as im over the breeding frame
[14:34] * Xena takes up another of Her big, black, rubber cock-shaped, dildoes
[14:34] * kerry tries to nod my head
[14:35] * Xena grins... then turns the base of the dildo that stretches kerrys' anus around slightly.... there's a quiet hmmmmmm as the dildo starts to vibrate, deep inside the ponys' ass....
[14:36] * Xena then slides the head of the dildo in Her hand up and down the ponys' hot slit.... teasing the pony with it...
[14:36] * kerry the dildo in my anus starts to vibrate delightfully and i buck a little
[14:36] *** irish`fairy has joined #girl_farm

[14:37] <Xena> just think... sometime soon I might decide to breed you... and you'll be in this very position... having a horny stallion ready to fuck you....
[14:38] * Xena slides the head of the dildo up and down... up and down... teasing that open pony cunt...
[14:38] * kerry the dildo at my teases me ... i blush at the thought of not choosing whom im bred with
[14:38] * kerry the dildo slides over my and i cant move to get it into me
[14:39] * Xena smirks.. no, you get NO choices, pony... you get....
fucked ... and She suddenly thrusts the dildo right into the ponys' cunt!
[14:39] <kerry> whinnnies as the dildo is thrust inside me
[14:39] * Xena thrusts the dildo all the way IN.... than jerks it OUT.... and IN.... OUT... IN... OUT.... steadily and powerfully fucking the pony bent over the breeding frame
[14:40] * kerry the dildo plunges into me filling me stretching me constantly forcing its way in and out of me
[14:40] * kerry i suck then moan onto the dildo filling my mouth
[14:40] * Xena plunges the dildo IN to kerrys' cunt... then draws it OUT, rotating it as She does so... literally screwing it in and out of the ponys' cunt....
[14:41] * Xena fucks the pony harder and faster yet with the dildo... without the least trace of affection of care... simply fucking the pony... nothing more than mindless animal fucking
[14:42] * kerry the relentless dildo drives in and out of me as it fucks me
[14:42] * Xena pounds the dildo in and out, in and out of that pony cunt... chuckling as the cunt seems to grow moister and hotter yet...
[14:42] * kerry i start to pant as im rythmetcly

[14:42] <Xena> you know something, pony?
[14:42] * kerry shakes my head
[14:42] * Xena pumps the dildo IN, OUT, IN, OUT!

[14:43] <Xena> I never said you couldn't be fucked
[14:43] * kerry gasping now as im bought closer to orgasm
[14:43] * Xena yanks the dildo OUT suddenly, and steps back, away from the pony
[14:43] *** irish`fairy has left #girl_farm
[14:43] *** `SirQ has left #girl_farm

[14:43] <Xena> I just said you couldn't cum.
[14:43] <kerry> whinniesssss
[14:43] * kerry nods desperate and understanding
[14:43] * Xena laughs, tosses the dildo, so slick now with the ponys' juices, aside
[14:44] * kerry labia open and close my juices dripping from them

[14:44] <Xena> you have to keep your energy focussed on your training.... on making Me proud...
[14:44] <Xena> not on orgasms.
[14:44] <kerry> mmpppfff
[14:45] * Xena laughs, enjoying the sight of the panting pony... her hot wet cunt positively gaping and drooling
[14:45] * kerry wants to make Xena proud as i whimper over the breeding frame
[14:45] * Xena laughs

[14:45] <Xena> It's a simple choice, pony....
[14:45] <Xena> you can make Me proud and happy... or you can cum.
[14:46] * kerry will make you happy and proud
[14:46] * Xena chuckles

[14:46] <Xena> Well... into the stall with you again, I guess... lol
[14:47] * Xena releases the pony from the spreader bar... and the chain keeping her bent over
[14:47] * kerry waits to be taken to my stall frustrated but eager to please Xena still held over the bar
[14:47] * Xena remembers the nipple clamps... pops them off... drops them aside, finished with those pinchy things.... for now
[14:48] * kerry the clamps removal hurt
[14:48] * Xena pulls the pony up, and after Her, to her stall.. grinning as She does, amused by the pony, again.
[14:49] * kerry straightens as im pulled to the stall
[14:49] * Xena pushes the pony into the stall... and, following her in, thrusts her back against the wall, driving Her two fingers up into the ponys' cunt again

[14:49] <Xena> Yes, kerry dear, I have a feeling you will make Me very proud indeed...
[14:49] * kerry pushed up against my bound arms
[14:50] * kerry your fingers inside me
[14:50] * Xena yanks Her fingers out of the ponys' cunt, and strolls out, and, without another glance at the pony, bolts the door
[14:50] * kerry nods wanting to please you
[14:50] * kerry i look around the bare stall
[14:51] * kerry with i sob around the dildo in my mouth i lay down and curl up
[14:51] * kerry my mind full of confusion
[14:51] * Xena snickers as She strolls away from the delightfully frustrated pony...
[14:53] * kerry knows i want to please Xena, glad my arms are bound or the temptation might get the better of me
[14:54] * Xena snickers... that's why ponies are kept in tight bondage...

[15:00] <Xena> Well, I got to go.
[15:00] <impala`> it was wonderful watching, Ma'am
[15:01] * Xena smirks at impala`

[15:01] <Xena> it was wonderful doing, too, hahah ;)
Session Close: Sat Oct 09 15:01:29 2004

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