This is the start of about a week of IRC logfiles, in which a new girl gets introduced to ponyplay.
It kind of helps to read them in order!

In accordance with most IRC color schemes, black is for "speech", purple is for actions/emotions/thoughts and green indicates people joining/leaving the chat room

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Session Start: Thu Oct 07 12:10:15 2004
[12:10] ***Now talking in #girl_farm
[12:10] ***Topic is 'A home for all the cows and ponies and puppies on IRC. Website coming soon with... well, wait and see. Donations and logs gratefully received ;-)'
[12:10] ***Set by Xena on Sun Sep 26 20:02:20
[12:10] ***ChanServ sets mode: +o Xena

[12:10] *Argo welcomes Mistress Xena with a whinny

[12:10] <Gaias> hiya Xena
[12:11] <Xena> hiya Gaias :)
[12:12] ***Xena sets mode: +o Gaias

[12:12] <Xena> Have a @ :)
[12:13] <Gaias> why, thank You Ma'am
[12:13] <Gaias> You honour Moi : )
[12:13] <Xena> hehe, not at all...
[12:14] <Xena> you've been here a lot more often than I have, and I'm supposed to own the room!
[12:14] <Gaias> yes, You do own the Room
[12:14] ***kerry has joined #girl_farm

[12:14] <Gaias> and a delightful time I have had here, thank You very much : )
[12:15] <kerry> hell everyone
[12:15] <kerry> opps hello
[12:15] *Xena ponders "hell" as a greeting... can be quitegood
[12:15] *kerry goes crimson at my typo

[12:15] <Xena> I've seen you having a delightful time ;) makes Me rather jealous I can't be here too!
[12:16] <Gaias> yes, a freudian typo
[12:16] <Gaias> we do put the farm girls through hell here, Xena
[12:16] <Xena> crimson, hell... Mmmm.... such delightful words :)
[12:16] <Xena> we do?
[12:16] <Gaias> harness their udders
[12:16] *Gaias looks at kerry

[12:16] <Gaias> and do other tortuous things to them
[12:17] *Xena thought we put them in tight bondage, whipped 'em, milked 'em, fucked 'em, and then told them, no, you can't cum. Hardly hell :)

[12:17] <Gaias> bits in their mouth
[12:17] <Gaias> butt plugs up their tail
[12:17] <Xena> amongst other things :)
[12:17] *kerry listens slightly shocked but still smiling slightly

[12:18] <Xena> Mmm. shocked... has she seen the cattle prod?
[12:18] <Gaias> on all fours, kerry
[12:18] <Gaias> now.
[12:18] *kerry looks at Gaias and i start to bend to all fours

[12:18] <Gaias> yes
[12:19] *Gaias watches kerry, tapping riding crop on My long, naked, lithe thigh ...

[12:19] <Gaias> do it, animal.
[12:19] *kerry on my hands and knees wondering if im doing the right thing
[12:19] *Xena grins and leans against a wall, watching, Her eyes full of amusement
[12:19] *Gaias thinks of Xena wanting the farm girls whipped and tied and milked and fucked ...
[12:20] *Xena chuckles... well, that's just Her, of course...

[12:20] <Gaias> yes
[12:20] <Gaias> because I want lil kerry
[12:20] <Gaias> to cum
[12:20] <Gaias> and cum
[12:20] *Gaias winks

[12:20] <Xena> Ooo.
[12:21] *Xena laughs, well, ain't kerry the lucky ... cow?
[12:21] *kerry backs up slightly on my hands an knee's

[12:21] <Gaias> yes, on her hands and knees
[12:21] <Gaias> gravity pulling her udders down
[12:21] <Gaias> ready to be milked kerry?
[12:21] <Xena> Mmm... does she have an enticing description?
[12:22] *Xena loves to meet the meat ;)
[12:22] *kerry mt 36c breasts swing slowly as i move

[12:22] <Gaias> mmm ... 36C
[12:22] <Gaias> fondle those big mammaries as you type, kerry
[12:22] <kerry> im not an animal Gaias ive never been milked i was just looking in
[12:22] <Gaias> while I get a leather halter
[12:23] <Xena> first time for everything, kerry ;)
[12:23] *Gaias moves to the tack room and chooses a leather halter from among many ...

[12:24] ***Master__M has joined #girl_farm
[12:24] ***Argo sets mode: +v Master__M

[12:24] <Master__M> Greetings.
[12:24] <Xena> hiya
[12:25] <Gaias> Greetings, M
[12:25] *Gaias looks at the clock and curses the timing ...
[12:26] *Gaias strips for the shower ...
[12:26] *Xena chuckles

[12:26] <Gaias> I hope someone can show ...
[12:26] <Gaias> er, lead kerry around the farm
[12:26] ***Gaias is now known as Gaias_shower

[12:26] *Xena looks at kerry... still with us?

[12:27] *Gaias_shower winks at Xena over My shoulder as I show Her My tight buns ...
[12:27] <Master__M> I think that i can be done.
[12:27] ***MissAndrea has joined #girl_farm
[12:27] ***Argo sets mode: +v MissAndrea

[12:27] <kerry> yes Ma'am im still here
[12:27] <Xena> I take it you've never been a pony or a cow before
[12:28] <kerry> no i have never or a cow for that matter
[12:28] <Master__M> Hi Andrea
[12:28] <MissAndrea> Hi Master__M
[12:28] *Xena chuckles, and you came here to be one? to find out what one is?
[12:29] *MissAndrea comes in and takes a seat

[12:29] <kerry> i did though a cow was not the ideal but i dont know if i get a choice
[12:29] *Xena chuckles, well, if you're *very* good, you *might* get a choice... We may even pay attention ;)

[12:30] <kerry> i will try to be good Ma'am
[12:30] <Xena> A good place to start is the website in the room topic. Another, perhaps better place to look is Sir Jeffs site: I think it's
[12:31] <kerry> ive seen the site and have it on my favorites Ma'am
[12:31] <Xena> Mmm. Then you have a good idea of what might happen here
[12:32] <kerry> yes i do ... ive read quite a few of the stories
[12:33] *MissAndrea smiles as she listens to the exchange

[12:33] <Xena> Well, I only looked in while checking mail... so I haven't much time to spare to put you through your paces... alas I must do *some* r/l stuff, occasionally
[12:34] <Master__M> Maybe a description would help in makeing that decision???
[12:34] *Master__M smiles

[12:35] ***sensual`anna has joined #girl_farm

[12:35] <Master__M> Hi sensual`anna
[12:35] <sensual`anna> hi Sir
[12:35] <sensual`anna> this girl made a mistake entering
[12:36] *kerry is a 25 yr old sub 5ft 8 inches tall auburn hair to just below my shoulders 36 c breasts

[12:36] <sensual`anna> and begs your apologises
[12:36] <sensual`anna> and asks to leave?
[12:36] <Xena> you may, if you must.
[12:36] <sensual`anna> thank you Xena
[12:36] ***sensual`anna has left #girl_farm

[12:37] <Master__M> Not really built like a cow are you?
[12:38] <Xena> Great pony potential, however ;)
[12:38] <Master__M> I agree.
[12:38] <kerry> i did not really want to be a cow i was hoping to be a pony or a puppy
[12:39] *Xena stretches lazily....

[12:39] <Xena> And I'm getting tempted to make you a pony, if no one else does...
[12:40] <Master__M> Are you as cute as the little black puppy one next to my chair.
[12:40] *MissAndrea was so tempted to poke Xena in the belly when she stretched
[12:40] *Xena thinks it's a good thing some resist their temptations...

[12:41] <kerry> i think im cute but i can be playful as well
[12:41] <Master__M> puppy pony, pony puppy..........what will it be.
[12:41] *Master__M smiles
[12:42] <Xena> toss a coin :)
[12:42] <Xena> Personally, I'd say pony. But that's just Me :)
[12:42] *kerry listens still on my hands and knees

[12:43] <Master__M> I'm leaning towards pony as well, what do you think Andrea?
[12:44] <MissAndrea> well, I think all would be happy if she ended up as a mare
[12:45] <Master__M> Why don't you take her Andrea, make her a mare.
[12:45] *Gaias_shower moves through Room from shower to shave ...

[12:45] <MissAndrea> I actually have never done such a thing
[12:45] *Gaias_shower looks over kerry on her hands and knees

[12:45] <Gaias_shower> a breeding mare, surely ...
[12:46] *kerry gulps

[12:46] <Master__M> Well, then there are two of us Andrea.
[12:46] *Master__M smiles

[12:48] <Master__M> Show us Xena, show us how it is done.
[12:49] <Xena> I'd hate to rush something, and I'd definitely be rushing it.
[12:49] *Xena looks at kerry thoughtfully

[12:49] <Xena> stand up, girl
[12:50] *kerry i stand up
[12:50] *kerry my back straight hands at my sides

[12:50] <Xena> turn around... let Me see you from all sides
[12:50] *kerry i slowly turn
[12:51] *Xena eyes the girl, as if inspecting potential livestock

[12:51] <Xena> your measurements? Waist and hips?
[12:51] <kerry> 24-32 Ma'am
[12:51] *Xena chuckles

[12:52] <Xena> Quite the hourglass figure, hmm?
[12:52] <Xena> Very busty.
[12:52] <kerry> a bit top heavy ... blushes
[12:52] <Xena> No wonder you wouldn't want to be a cow, you'd be even more top heavy
[12:53] <Xena> cross your wrists behind you, there's a good girl.
[12:53] *kerry i cross my wrists behind my back
[12:54] *Xena wraps a leather strap around those wrists and buckles it nice and tight, keeping the ponys' hands tied behind her securely
[12:54] *kerry the leather strap bites a little as it is drawn tightly about my wrists
[12:54] *Xena hums softly, as She pulls a leather bridle over the ponys' head, and buckles that securely, before holding a well-chewed leather bit before the ponys' face

[12:55] <Xena> Open up, pony
[12:55] *kerry i open my mouth after the bridle is secured around my head
[12:56] *Xena stuffs the bit into the ponys' mouth and clips it to the bridle
[12:56] *kerry the leather bit slips between my teeth and is secured to the bridal my mouth held open by the bit
[12:56] *Xena looks at the pony, chuckles at the sight of her mouth pulled into a parody of a smile...
[12:56] *kerry my eyes look around the room as my mouth is held open
[12:57] *Xena takes up a set of nipple clamps, with silver bells attached... unscrews them, then slips them over the ponys' nipples and starts screwing them closed... first gripping those sensitive buds of flesh....
[12:57] *Xena ...then squeezing...
[12:57] *Xena ...and finally cruelly crushing them flat.

[12:58] <kerry> mmmppppppppfffffffff
[12:58] *kerry i moan around the bit as the clamps are squeezed tightly to my nipples
[12:58] *Xena gives the left nipple clamp a flick, and chuckles as the dangling bell sounds... tinkle, tinkle
[12:59] *kerry i try to pull away making the bells ring

[12:59] <Xena> No pony is complete without her tail, but that must be earnt.
[12:59] *kerry nods wondering how i can earn a tail
[12:59] *Xena takes up Her riding crop, long, black leather, very flexible and whippy, capable of imparting a delightful sting

[13:00] <Xena> you earn your tail by being a good pony, of course
[13:00] *kerry i see the crop in your hand

[13:00] <Xena> Now, remain on the spot... trot.
[13:01] *kerry i lift each leg in turn bringing my knee up to my hips remaining on the spot
[13:01] *kerry with each step the bells tinkle
[13:01] *Xena watches the pony closely... at least it is bringing it's thighs parallel to the ground, good
[13:01] *kerry my breasts bounce with each step
[13:02] *Xena hears the bells tinkle... even better....
[13:02] *Xena smirks, those top-heavy breasts are so delightfully bouncy
[13:02] *kerry i try to swallow as saliva builds in my mouth
[13:03] *Xena gives the pony a swat across her ass with the crop.... Thwack!
Wiggle that ass!
[13:03] <kerry> mmmpppfff
[13:03] *kerry i shake my bottom as the crop lands
[13:04] *kerry i keep trotting on the spot my breasts bouncing the bells tinkling
[13:04] *Xena takes up a harness... little more than a wide belt with metal D rings around it, for hitching the pony to a cart

[13:05] <Xena> whoa, pony
[13:05] *kerry i stop at your command my feet side by side
[13:05] *kerry i pant a little
[13:05] ***Gaias_shower is now known as Gaias

[13:05] *Xena wraps the belt around the ponys' waist, buckles it tightly
[13:05] *Gaias looks over the pony girl as she is put through her paces ...

[13:06] <MissAndrea> hello Gaias
[13:06] ***Magma has joined #girl_farm
[13:06] ***Argo sets mode: +v Magma

[13:06] *Xena grips the ponys' bridle, pulls her head around

[13:06] <Magma> Hello
[13:06] <Magma> love this channel name
[13:06] *kerry the belt brings in my stomach slightly

[13:06] <Xena> see that cart, loaded with the bags of pony feed?
[13:06] <Gaias> hello MissAndrea
[13:06] <Gaias> welcome here, Magma
[13:06] <Magma> ty
[13:06] *kerry Xena hands pull my head i see the cart and nod

[13:06] <MissAndrea> hello Magma
[13:06] <Xena> It's in the wrong place.
[13:07] <Magma> Hello MissAndrea
[13:07] <Xena> But that's ok, there's a pony here to move it.
[13:07] *Gaias finishes dressing as the helicopter waits to take Me from My country estate where the bdsm girls serve to the city ...
[13:07] *kerry nods
[13:07] *Xena leads the pony to the cart... leading her along by pulling her by her bridle

[13:07] <Xena> It's only a hundred kilos, not that heavy... lol
[13:07] *kerry approaches the cart my bridle in your hand
[13:08] *Gaias knots a Hermes tie that would look so good on pretty kerry ...

[13:08] <Gaias> y'all have a fine spankin` time ... bye
[13:08] *kerry thinks that 100 kilo's is nearly twice my weight
[13:08] *Xena pushes the pony between the shafts of the cart... clips the chains on the shafts to the ponys' belt
[13:08] *Xena laughs.... probably about that

[13:08] ***Magma has left #girl_farm

[13:09] *kerry the shafts are fastened to the belt and im trapped between them

[13:09] ***Gaias has quit IRC (QUIT: life is fragile ... treasure today.)

[13:09] <Xena> now pony... when you're ready, bend forwards, and present your ass so I know you're ready to begin.
[13:09] *Xena thinks it's a shame Gaias left, after all he was the only one to want to see kerry cum and cum.... lol
[13:10] *kerry i bend forward with a deep breath ready
[13:10] *Xena SWIPES the crop across the ponys' asscheeks.... THWACK!
Gee up pony! Get trotting!
[13:11] <kerry> whinnies as the crop lands and i pull at the shafts
[13:11] *kerry i lift my legs to my hips and start off trotting as the wheels of the cart turn
[13:12] *Xena chuckles, as the pony strains... swipes at her ass again.... THWACK!
C'mon pony.... faster! I don't have all day!
[13:12] <kerry> mmpppffff
[13:12] *kerry i trot faster pulling the cart not wanting the crop on my bottom again
[13:12] ***Daffy has joined #girl_farm
[13:12] ***Argo sets mode: +v Daffy

[13:13] *Xena flicks the ponys' left nipple clamp with Her crop, sending it dancing and tinkling wildly...
And make those bells ring.
[13:13] *kerry my bound arms lift off of my back as the crop flicks my breast
[13:13] *kerry my breasts sway as i trot the bells tinkling
[13:14] *Xena smirks... taps that pony ass with the crop...
Make that ass bounce... or I'll make it jiggle, My way.
[13:14] *kerry my trotting gets lighter seeming to bounce as i make my bottom wriggle
[13:15] *kerry the cart heavy on the belt
[13:15] *Xena chuckles, strolls alongside the straining pony, full of amusement

[13:15] <Xena> nearly there pony... little further yet.
[13:15] *kerry trots to the accompaniment of the bells tinkling
[13:16] *Xena swats the ponys' ass, to get her attention... WHACK!
Whoa, pony. That'll do.
[13:16] *kerry i little saliva drips from the side of the bit as i grip it forcing my legs to keep trotting
[13:16] *kerry whinnies as i pull to a stop
[13:17] *Xena unhitches the pony from the cart...
[13:17] *kerry my legs throb unused to the trotting

[13:17] <Xena> feeling horny, pony? whinny if you are.
[13:18] <kerry> whinnies
[13:18] *Xena chuckles
[13:18] *MissAndrea smiles

[13:18] <Xena> Well, horny is how you'll stay... I don't believe in wasting a ponys' energy on orgasms.
[13:19] *kerry nods frustrated

[13:19] <Xena> you're an animal and you'll serve... work... race... show yourself off...
[13:19] <Xena> but cumming... that happens once every month or two, at most.
[13:19] *Xena smirks at the frustrated pony
[13:19] *kerry nods again
[13:20] *kerry a sliver of saliva drips from the corners of my mouth

[13:20] <Xena> Besides, a frustrated pony, so close to cumming, is quite submissive and eager to please. Why ruin that.... lol
[13:21] *Xena unclips the ponys' nipples... then leads her to a stall, and pushes her in
[13:21] *kerry pushed into a stall still bridles bit and wrists bound
[13:22] *Xena chuckles, closes the ponys' stall gate, and leaves her there to contemplate her new life
[13:23] *kerry looks at the shut stall door
[13:24] *Xena chuckles, we don't want the pony bolting, do we ;)

[13:24] <Master__M> True.
[13:30] ***Master__M has left #girl_farm
[13:32] ***MissAndrea has left #girl_farm

[13:32] ***Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Oct 07 13:32:10 2004

Session Start: Thu Oct 07 14:52:13 2004
[14:52] *** Now talking in #girl_farm
[12:10] ***Topic is 'A home for all the cows and ponies and puppies on IRC. Website coming soon with... well, wait and see. Donations and logs gratefully received ;-)'
[14:52] *** Set by Xena on Thu Oct 07 12:06:41
[14:52] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Xena

[14:52] * Argo welcomes Mistress Xena with a whinny

[14:52] <Xena> Ah, the pony is still here.
[14:52] * kerry nods my head and i try to say hello
[14:54] * Xena sips Her less than satisfactory tea as She looks at the pony
[14:54] * kerry stands in the stall the straw beneath my bare feet
[14:55] * Xena pushes Her way into the ponys' stall, and looks her over... still wearing the bit and bridle, with her hands bound behind her still
[14:55] * Xena turns the pony slightly, and leans over to get a look at her ass.... and the faint red lines adorning those delightful cheeks
[14:56] * kerry a bit high strung the bridle and bound wrists making me excited

[14:56] <Xena> hehehe you can expect more welts, pony...
[14:56] <Xena> ...many more
[14:56] * kerry i bend over slightly
[14:56] * Xena pushes Her hands between the ponys' thighs... stroking... lightly, back and forth

[14:57] <Xena> still horny, pony? your juices flowing, hmm?
[14:57] * kerry i nod making the bells tinkle little as your hands stroke me feeling my wet sex
[14:57] * Xena snickers... silly question really

[14:57] <Xena> And the pony cunt is shaved, like a good pony?
[14:57] * kerry nods a yes as i try to talk around the bit
[14:58] * Xena smiles, takes Her hand away... so good to see the pony is fully prepared.
[14:59] * kerry i look disapointed as your hand moves away

[14:59] <Xena> No point talking with the bit in your mouth... confine yourself to nods or shakes for yes and no... whinnies and pawing the ground are also possible ways to get attention
[14:59] * kerry nods
[15:00] * Xena chuckles at the sight of the ponys' face... did the pony think I'd lower Myself to give pleasure to a mere animal? One that needs its' energy conserved and managed, anyway?
[15:00] * kerry shakes my head ... was being hopeful though
[15:00] * Xena laughs... you can *HOPE*.
[15:01] * Xena strolls around the pony... looking at her from all sides...

[15:02] <Xena> Always good to see a pony with height... you must have long legs?
[15:02] * kerry has long slim legs
[15:02] * Xena smirks, they'll be muscular before too long...
[15:02] * kerry i stand straighter as i am examined

[15:03] <Xena> I rather suspect you might make good breeding stock.
[15:03] * kerry nods taking in what you are saying
[15:03] * kerry colors again

[15:03] <Xena> so important to keep the good pony attributes: height and submissiveness, in your case
[15:03] * Xena smirks at the pony

[15:03] <Xena> do you know how ponies are bred?
[15:04] * kerry has an idea
[15:04] * Xena laughs, if that idea involves a pony tied over a frame and serviced by a selection of stallions, then you're right.
[15:04] * kerry nods i think so ... to whom ever you choose
[15:04] * kerry nods

[15:05] *** KhaLea has joined #girl_farm
[15:05] *** Argo sets mode: +v KhaLea

[15:05] * Xena grins, repeatedly serviced until We are sure you're with foal.
[15:05] * kerry glows red at the thought
[15:05] * Xena chuckles

[15:05] <Xena> so lovely to see a blush on a pony
[15:05] <Xena> it's very becoming
[15:06] <Xena> Well, is there any part of being a pony that kerry doesn't yet understand, hmm?
[15:07] * kerry shakes my head understanding all you have said
[15:07] * Xena grips the ponys' bridle, and leads her out of her stall
[15:08] * kerry the bridle is tight in your hand as im lead out of the stall
[15:08] * Xena clips a long set of reins onto the ponys' bridle, leads her out of the farm to the training corral... clips the other end of the reins to a central post in the corral, confining the pony to a circle about ten, twelve feet across

[15:09] <Xena> well, it's important a pony knows how to trot in a pleasing manner.
[15:09] <Xena> Present your ass, pony.
[15:09] * kerry i stand bare foot in the corral
[15:09] * kerry nods my head and i bend forward my bound hands riding a little up my back

[15:10] <Xena> good pony.... you always indicate your readiness by presenting your ass...
[15:10] * kerry i nod a yes Ma'am
[15:10] * Xena SWIPES Her crop across the ponys' backside... WHACK!
Gee up, pony... trot for Me
[15:10] <kerry> whinniessss
[15:11] * kerry i lift my right knee to my hips and i trot the bells starting to tinkle as my breasts start to sway
[15:12] * Xena watches closely... to see if the ponys' calves are being kept vertical... looking for that inverted L as the pony prances
[15:12] * kerry the rein keeps me turning in a circle as i trot around it
[15:12] * KhaLea smiles

[15:13] <KhaLea> (hi Xena)
[15:13] * kerry my legs seem to come up in a stiff manner as i try to keep them straight

[15:13] <KhaLea> (hi kerry)
[15:13] <Xena> hi
[15:13] <Xena> Nice, prancing steps, pony...
[15:13] <Xena> be sure to sway that ass as you do... when you have your tail, it must swish from side to side.
[15:13] <KhaLea> (i won't interupt the scene Xena, hon)
[15:14] * KhaLea smiles
[15:14] * kerry lightens my step from its stiff manner as i want my tail

[15:14] <Xena> Remember... you jiggle your ass your way... or I make it jiggle, My way.
[15:15] * kerry the bells tinkle with each step my nipples sore from where the clamps grip them
[15:15] * KhaLea giggles
[15:15] * Xena smiles, those ample boobs bounce so delightfully :)
[15:15] * KhaLea nods in agreement
[15:15] * kerry adds a wriggle to my trotting nearly stumbling as i try to get my steps how you like them
[15:16] * Xena watches the pony... keeping Her eyes on the pony... making sure she's flawless...
[15:17] * kerry my legs raising to my hips my bottom wriggling wit the sway ive added the bells tinkling more

[15:17] <Xena> keep trotting, pony...
[15:17] * KhaLea hugs Xena
[15:18] * kerry my knees straighten my calfs pointing down before lowering them so my fott touches the ground of the corral
[15:18] * Xena smiles, usually She has to have the ponies trotting in mindless circles for hours, while She stripes their asses repeatedly until they're cherry red, to get the pony high-stepping correctly... this pony clearly is a fast learner

[15:19] <Xena> I shall have to hitch the pony to a cart and take her for a ride, see how much stamina the pony has and how fast she can gallop
[15:19] * KhaLea nods and would love her friend Xena sometinme how well she is trained as she is a ponygirl in r/l
[15:19] * kerry listens as i trot around the post the rein slightly dipped
[15:19] * Xena mentally adds "intelligence" to the ponys' list of desirable attributes that must be kept by selective breeding....

[15:20] <Xena> whoa pony
[15:20] * KhaLea smiles
[15:20] * kerry pulls to a stop the rein hanging loose
[15:20] * KhaLea nods in agreement

[15:20] <Xena> pony worked up a bit of a sweat, hmm?
[15:21] * kerry nods
[15:22] * Xena nods, fetches the hose, and returns, dragging it after Her... opens the tap on the nozzle and SPRAYS the pony with freezing cold water
[15:22] * kerry i move as far back as the rein allows as the freezing water hits me
[15:23] * Xena liberally hoses the pony... spraying her back... stomach... breasts... thighs... butt... soaking her... washing her sweatiness off....
[15:23] * kerry i turn my back to the spray starting to shiver as im rapidly cooled
[15:23] * KhaLea smiles
[15:23] * Xena grins at the pony, aims the jet of ice cold water up between the ponys' legs... hosing her warm, moist sex...

[15:24] <Xena> that should cool you a little
[15:24] <kerry> whinnnies
[15:24] * Xena shuts off the water.
[15:24] * KhaLea smiles nodding
[15:24] * kerry the water drips off of me as i shiver slightly
[15:24] * Xena coils the hose again, returns it to the pipe at one wall of the farm... brings a coarse woolen towel and pats the pony dry
[15:25] * kerry the coarse towel in your hands rubs me dry bringing a little color to my body

[15:26] <Xena> there we go pony... a lot less sweaty and I've even cooled the heat you're in... hahaha
[15:26] * KhaLea smiles
[15:26] * Xena tosses the towel aside (it'll be washed later by the farmhands), unhitches the pony from the post, and leads her back to the farm
[15:26] * kerry my head hangs a little in disappointment but the urge is still deep within me

[15:27] <KhaLea> Xena i must of all the pony cghannels here you really know how to care for the ponies
[15:27] <Xena> come along girl... Mistress has work to do in r/l.
[15:27] * Xena grins, that I do ;)
[15:27] * kerry trots quickly to you

[15:28] * Xena leads the pony back to her stall, unclips the reins and pushes her into her stall, where she'll stay until She has the time and the inclination to further the ponys' training

[15:28] <KhaLea> DARN CAPS
[15:28] * Xena cringes from the shout!

[15:28] <Xena> Maybe ;)
[15:28] * KhaLea shoots her capslock
[15:28] * kerry stands in the stall feet in the straw shuffling my feet

[15:28] <KhaLea> ty Xena and i am glad we're still friends hon
[15:29] * Xena holds out a lump of sugar for the pony

[15:29] <Xena> here's a treat for you girl... you're doing well
[15:29] <KhaLea> kerry will be protected Xena
[15:29] * Xena lets the sugar rest on Her palm, ready for her to take
[15:29] * kerry i bend my head and my lips take the suger lump and manouver it around the bit

[15:29] *** nicole` has joined #girl_farm

[15:29] * Xena grins at the pony

[15:29] <nicole`> morning
[15:30] * Xena riffles the ponys' mane as she has her sugar... then steps out of the stall and bolts the door
[15:30] * kerry crunches the sugar as the stall door is bolted shut again
[15:31] * KhaLea shows her brand to Xena, as she bares her right thigh, high on the inner thigh of her right leg is a rose with with BB at it's base

[15:32] <KhaLea> i belong to Deliciousbeast Xena
[15:32] <Xena> I recall you saying, yes
[15:33] <KhaLea> that's her braand hon i am proud to be her draft pony
[15:33] * kerry going to my knees i then lay down in the straw

[15:34] <nicole`> Ms Xena it alright if i stay? if i'm not intruding that is
[15:34] <Xena> you may, yes
[15:34] <Xena> but I'm about to go, I'm afraid
[15:34] <nicole`> thank you Ma'am
[15:35] <nicole`> ah..well perhaps another time them Ma'am
[15:35] *** nicole` has left #girl_farm

[15:35] <Xena> Right, I gotta go.
[15:35] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Oct 07 15:35:57 2004

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