Welcome to RENDERWOOD! Here you'll find much from the twisted imagination of DarkAngelXena, which may feature some or all of the following themes...

  • Tales of swordcraft and sorcery
  • Amazons and female Warriors like Xena or Red Sonja
  • Medieval bondage themes

While this isn't intended to be a porn site, there probably will be adult themes, including violence and graphic nudity, possibly even at the same time. As such, if you are a minor in the state you reside in, you should not access the material available on this website.

Please note that while there is the possibility of graphical portrayal of explicit sexual activities and violence, this remains material for fantasy only!

Fantasies that are kept as FANTASY are safe and healthy and are generally considered to be a Good Thing.

Anyone thinking that it is somehow OK to rough up or disrespect or abuse anyone in real life had better find some other website to be at, because that's a Bad Thing, and that ain't cool!

Anyone I hear about thinking it's OK to be mean to someone because of something here, I tell you now, I'll hunt you down, reach through your monitor, and slam your head off your desk. Consider thyself warned!

Oh, and any resemblance to anything or anyone, real, imaginary, alive, dead, undead, is a pure coincidence, and all that.

With all that said, it is now time to make your choice. If you're a minor, or easily offended, or narrow minded, hit the BACK button, close this window or tab, do whatever it takes to make you go away from here. But if you're a sane, level-headed adult who wants to view the material here, then you're more than welcome to look around.

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