How not to take a hint...

Note to those who don't know. On IRC, spoken text is by default black, actions are in purple. I'm also putting in my thoughts in grey italics. I thought this encounter was pretty effing hilarious... Oh, I've removed names to spare potential blushes! BTW this took place in a private/whispered conversation. My screen name at the time is SiberianTigress.

Session Start: Sun Dec 07 19:36:51 2014
[19:36] HornyNetGeek: h-hi
Sigh. Why do idiots insist on messaging me with a generic "hi"? I'm busy, I just won't respond.
[20:11] HornyNetGeek: h-hi
WTF? Again?
[20:13] HornyNetGeek: ?
Igore it... it'll go away...
[20:13] HornyNetGeek: how are you
...Seriously... Can't it take the hint???
[20:15] HornyNetGeek: (want to rp?)
[20:16] SiberianTigress rolls you in cluebait, then takes you to a field full of clues, after making sure it's clue mating season, and leaves you there.
[20:17] HornyNetGeek: *I squirm*
[20:20] HornyNetGeek: ?
Christ, take the hint... NOT INTERESTED
[20:22] HornyNetGeek *I gulp as some clues approach*
[20:24] HornyNetGeek: H-Help!
Oh.. My... God...!

I guess you really can't fix stupid...

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