Artwork from 2005

It was way back in 2005 that someone encouraged me to get a program called Poser; my early works make me cringe at the amateurishness of the results, but here they are. Please enjoy them!


Yah, the first pic I put online.
Amazons fighting undead from some sort of gateway.
Daily music hour!
She's waiting for her lover. Is she waiting for you?
Delivery of fresh ponygirls.
Spare the crop, spoil the submissive.
Too much hard work, not enough play, makes Lisa very, very sleepy.
One of my very best early images, that I'm still proud of.
It's a real defining moment when a ponygirl sees herself.


Bad Day

Short illustrated story: Bad Day at the Office

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Please note all my artwork is my own; you're welcome to enjoy it but please do not steal it!